Dr Oz, Deepak Chopra 21 Day Meditation Cleanse To Reduce Stress

21 Day Meditation Cleanse To Destress Your Mind, Body, and Soul On Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz invited Deepak Chopra (author of the book Brotherhood) on to the show to talk about his 21 Day Meditation Cleanse that can change your life.  Deepak says that stress in this country has risen to epidemic proportions.  Deepak says that if you do anything for 21 day (including meditation) you will change the “hard wiring” in your brain.  A habit will form and your life will begin to change with new healthy habits replacing unhealthy routines which were bringing stress into your life.  Deepak explained to Dr. Oz that his 21 day meditation plan can help everyone because each one of us experiences stress in their lives.

When Meditation Became A Part Of Deepak Chopra’s Life

Deepak has been talking about how meditation for many years but there was a time when he actually lived an unhealthy lifestyle.  Deepak told Dr. Oz that he had many bad habits like drinking, smoking, and eating the S.A.D diet which stands for, Standard American Diet.  He realized that if he was going to really make a difference in his patients lives he was going to have to take care of himself as well. This was the moment in which Deepak Chopra decided to begin meditating and he has been experiencing the benefits of meditation ever since.

Why Many Americans Don’t Understand Meditation

In India meditation is a part of life.  Deepak told Dr. Oz that many Americans don’t understand what meditation is really about.  Too put it simply, meditation is way of quieting the mind.  He said that if you are able to slow down (or quiet) your mind and body, healing will follow.

Mediate For 21 Days To Nourish Your Heart, Mind, and Spirit

Nourish Your Heart – According to Deepak Chopra meditation can help you to become the right person rather looking for the right person.  Once you become the person you are meant to be, the “right” person will shop up in your life when you least expect it.  Meditation can help you to love yourself and in turn others will want to love you.

Nourish Your Mind – Meditation can help you to focus on your goals

Nourish Your Spirit – Your spirit knows more about our lives meaning moreso that we do.  Deepak Chopra said that when you meditate it allows you to communicate and nourish your spirit and you will find greater meaning in your life.

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