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How To Develop Your Sixth Sense, Intuition, and Gut Instinct

Have you ever just had a feeling about someone, something in particular, or just a deep seeded feeling that you couldn’t quite determine what it was trying to say?  It could be your sixth sense that is trying to warn you about something or to try and guide you into a certain direction. Dr. Oz invited Tony LeRoy on to the show today (January 25, 2013) to talk about how you can tune in to your sixth sense, gut instinct, and intuition.  Today’s show was about “unlocking your sixth sense” and each one of you can learn how to do it!!

How To Tune In Your Sixth Sense

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How To Tune In To Your Sixth Sense on Dr Oz

Tony LeRoy said that we all have the ability to tune in our Sixth Sense but you have to be open and receptive.  So how do you become open and receptive to fine tune your intuition?  Meditation helps to increase your ability to be receptive.  Here are some other things that you can do.

Read Your Body’s Signals

Goose Bumps Are A Signal – Your body can an excellent signal that your sixth sense is kicking in and that maybe you should be listening to your gut instinct.  Tony LeRoy described to Dr. Oz that for him he feels a pulsating feeling in his gut and he develops a deep knowing kind of feeling.  He said that people often get the goose bumps when this is happening.

Take Time For Yourself

Tony said to Dr. Oz that sometimes you have to “unplug yourself”..  What he meant by this was people nowadays are always occupied with their cell phones, lap tops, social media, television, and other forms of technology that it’s hard to be receptive when you are always “plugged in”.  Every day take some time to yourself to raise your awareness.

Use Meditation To Tap Into Your Gut Instinct and Intuition

Meditating is one of the best ways that you can increase your sixth sense abilities according to Tony LeRoy.  He told Dr. Oz that he meditates every day for an hour. Many people can’t meditate for that long of a period, so Tony recommends that you start out by meditating for just 5 minutes.  You can still receive many benefits from just a few minutes a day.  He said that your breathing should be your focus. Listening to calm music can put you in the right frame of mind to meditate and to focus on yourself.

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