Dr Oz, Dick Cheney 5 Heart Attacks, Transplant, and Heart Disease

Dr. Oz Talks With Dick Cheney About His 35 Year Battle With Heart Disease

On October 23, 2013 Dr. Oz invited Dick Cheney on to the show to talk about his 35 year battle with heart disease, his 5 heart attacks, and transplant that has given him new life.  Dick Cheney talks about his “letter of resignation” that he had written out in case his medical issues would leave him unable to do his job effectively.  Here are the topics that were discussed on today’s Dr. Oz :

Dick Cheney’s 5 Heart Attacks

Dr. Oz got straight to the point during today’s interview.  Dick Cheney has battled heart disease for 35 years and many were concerned about his capacity to act as Vice President of the United States of America.  Cheney has had 5 heart attacks, with one of those occurring shortly after becoming Vice President.  Despite his heart issues for the past 3 1/2 decades Dick Cheney has persevered and finally had a heart transplant performed on him in the past year giving him a new lease on life.

Lifestyle Changes

Dick Cheney explained to Dr. Oz that the heart transplant has made him feel like a new man but he still hasn’t forgotten what led him to heart disease in the the first place.  Dick Cheney’s first heart attack was 35 years ago.  At the time he was living a very unhealthy lifestyle.  At one point he was smoking up to 3 packs per day even though heart disease ran in his family.  After his heart attack he quit smoking cigarette, started eating a healthier diet, and began exercising.  Even with the healthy lifestyle changes he ultimately had 4 more heart attacks but he attributes his lifestyle changes to allowing him to live as long as he has.

Dick Cheney’s Defibrillator Scare
Dick Cheney wrote a book called “Heart” that goes into detail about his health struggles and his time in office as Vice President.  Dr. Oz asked Mr. Cheney about a defibrillator that he had implanted years ago.  Mr. Cheney said that there were worries of hackers being able to hack in to the defibrillator device and take control of how it functions.  He said that they had to have a special one made that couldn’t be controlled by a remote!

The Former Vice President’s Heart Attack While In Office

Shortly after Dick Cheney became Vice President, he suffered yet another heart attack (his fourth).  This led the Vice President to make the decision to write a “letter of resignation” that would be used in case he ever was physically or mentally unable to act as Vice President.  In case something happened to Mr. Cheney his lawyer was to give the letter of resignation to President Bush.

After Dick Cheney’s heart transplant he lost a lot of weight and looked frail.  He now feels much stronger and has gained back the weight that he lost.  Despite all of his health related issues Mr. Cheney is now feeling healthy and grateful that he has been given a new lease on life.

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