Dr Oz, Diet Personality Quiz, Which Diet Type Are You?

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Dr. Oz Shares A Personality Diet Type Quiz

Many people quickly become disappointed when they try so hard to lose weight and the scale just doesn’t seem to move, or even go in the wrong direction!  Today Dr. Oz said that your dieting woes and failed attempts may not be your fault in any way whatsoever.  You may have just been doing the wrong diet type.  During this segment on today’s show Dr. Oz shared a Diet Type Personality Quiz to find out what type you are and which diets are best suited for you! Also take the Best Time To Eat Quiz to lose weight and stay healthy.

Dr. Oz invited Nutritionist, Amanda Baten on to the show to talk about how your personality type plays a role in your ability to lose weight.   She said that your likes, dislikes play a role in how you diet and which obstacles each personality will liekly face.  Here are the questions that were asked on the quiz :

Personality Diet Type Test Questions

1. Which of the following best describes your eating habits?

A. I’m always on the go so I eat what is quick and easy

B. I love to take my time while cooking

C. I am flexible and occasionally like to indulge

2. What is the reasoning behind your diet?

A. Its how I like to jump start my week.

B. For health reasons

C. To lose weight

3. How do you feel about dieting?

A. I tend to follow the latest fad diet.

B. I dislike the whole idea of dieting

C. Have trouble getting motivated to stick to a diet

Personality Quiz Results

  • Did you answer mostly A’s?  If so, this likely means that you are a multi-tasker that has a strong desire to succeed in life. However, this often doesn’t coincide with your task.  Multi-taskers do better with a Juice Cleanse diet because they are always on the go and need something quick.
  • Did you answer mostly B’s on the quiz? If so, this likely means that you are a goal oriented person.  However, you dislike dieting.  Mediterranean diets work the best for the goal oriented person (who hates dieting)..  The reason why Mediterranean diets work well with this personality is because you don’t have to make huge changes to your lifestyle.  Mediterranean diets also allow a more diverse selection of foods that are allowed.
  • Did you answer mostly C’s on the quiz?  This likely means that you need structure on a diet.  You need rules to follow.  Portion control diets may be the program for you that will give you the greatest success.  This type of personality does well on portion control diets because the diet is structured and lets you know how much and when to eat.

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