Dr Oz, Diet Soda Heart Disease Risk, Are Ovarian Cysts Harmful?

Dr. Oz  Talks About How Drinking Diet Soda Can Increase Your Risk For Heart Disease and If Ovarian Cysts Are Dangerous

Today’s Dr. Oz (April 15, 2015) episode focused a segment on diet soda and if drinking diet soda increased your risk for heart disease, heart attacks, and even strokes.  Dr. Oz also spoke about if ovarian cysts are harmful, symptoms to look for and if you should be concerned.

Drinking Diet Soda Increases Your Risk of Heart Disease

Dr. Oz said that a recent study indicates that women who drink two or more diet sodas a day increase their risk of developing heart disease by 30 percent than those who rarely or never drink diet soda..  They are also 50 percent more likely to diet from from heart disease.

Why Is Drinking Diet Soda So Harmful?

Dr. Oz said that drinking diet soda is dangerous because of the combination of artificial sweeteners and carbonation.  He said that this can cause high cholesterol, increased blood pressure, excess belly fat, and high blood sugar.  Dr. Oz said that many diet sodas contain caramel coloring.  When caramel coloring is combined with the artificial sweetener, Aspartame it can increase your risk of suffering a heart attack.

Health Tip On How To Break Diet Soda Addiction

  • Cut  back on your diet soda consumption by mixing 1/2 selter water with 1/2 of your diet soda.

Are Ovarian Cysts Dangerous?

Ovarian cysts are quite common in women and many will experience one or more ovarian cysts during their lifespan.  Dr. Oz spent a portion of today’s (April 15th) episode talking about ovarian cysts and when they can be dangerous and when you should be concerned.  Most cysts will go away on their own but some can be dangerous.  Some of the dangers that ovarian cysts present are :

  • Twisted ovaries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Internal infections
  • Cancer

Ovarian Cyst Risk Factors

  • You have a history of Endometriosis
  • Multiple symptoms
  • Infertility treatments
  • Age mid 40’s or older

Tip : Dr. Oz said that the app “AskMD” can help you diagnose ovarian cyst symptoms.  AskMD can help you to determine if the symptoms that you are feeling may be an ovarian cyst or if it may simply be from eating something that didn’t sit well with you.

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