Dr Oz, Do Antibotics Work? Overuse Creating Resistant Super Bugs?

Dr. Oz : Are Doctors Handing Out Too Many Antibiotics Creating Resistant Strains or “Super Bugs”?

When you or your children get sick do you have the doctor’s office on speed dial so you can get some antibiotics just as fast as you can?  On the March 11 2013 show Dr. Oz will be revealing some startling information about new antibiotic-resistant deadly strains that has many scientists and doctors worried.

Dr. Oz will be inviting expert guests on to the show to talk about a potential health crisis that we all should be aware of.  They will be talking about the misuse of antibiotics and many wonder if doctors are over prescribing their use for otherwise minor ailments.  When should you take antibiotics and when should you try other methods to treat a particular illness?  Dr. Oz will be debating this topic with other physicians who fear we may be heading to an “Antibiotic Apocalypse!”

Update : The show has been aired and here are the episode segments that were featured on the show.

Do Antibiotics Even Work?

Dr. Oz will be revealing some worrisome data about antibiotics and their effectiveness..  What will he have to say, and will you think twice about heading to the doctor the next time you have an ear infection or a sore throat?  The 3-11-2013 episode promises to be an eye opener to say the least.  It is one of those shows that not only affects you, but it affects your entire family, friends, and loved ones all around you.  Make sure that you set your DVR (or bookmark this site) so you don’t miss out on what Dr. Oz has to say and why he is so concerned about antibiotics and resistant strains that are forming.

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