Dr Oz, Do Bras Cause Sagging? Fungal & Bacterial Toenail Infections

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Dr. Oz May 5, 2013 Topic – Medical Health Myths Debunked

Dr. Oz has talked about medical myths that many people believe on more than a handful of occasions.  On May 10, 2013 Dr. Oz answers more commonly held myths.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about how bras may actually cause sagging breasts rather than preventing them like many people believe.  He also talks about bacterial and fungal toe infections and the best way to go about treating this condition.

Does Wearing A Bra Cause Sagging Breasts?

dr. oz, bras, sagging breasts

Dr. Oz talks about studies have shown that bras may cause sagging breasts rather than prevent them.

Many women have held the long standing belief that wearing a supportive bra helps to prevent your boobs from sagging.  Contrary to their beliefs, a new research study suggests that bras may contribute to sagging breasts rather than from preventing them!  The reason behind this is because bras do not allow your breast tissue ligaments to work naturally.

Does wearing the right bra prevent sagging? In clips from previous episodes, Dr Oz stressed the importance of wearing the right bra size.

To help demonstrate the latest findings, Dr. Oz performed a demonstration on stage.  He said that when you wear a bra your ligaments can become loose when they are naturally forced not to stay tight.  So, therefore you should go braless occasionally so your ligaments can naturally support your breasts and so they don’t loosen.  Dr. Oz also gave the advice that women should never sleep in a bra at night.

Fungal and Bacterial Toenail Infections

If you have ever suffered from a toenail infection you know how difficult they are to treat.  Should you actually go see a doctor to have a toenail infection treated or can you just try to treat it by yourself.  There are times when you can treat an infection at home, but there are other times when you should seek professional treatment.

There are two types of fungal infections.  Bacterial and fungal.  You can generally tell if it’s a fungal infection if you notice discoloring and/or flaking.  Fungal infections aren’t generally serious and you can often treat these without medical attention.  Bacterial infections however can infect the surrounding skin around the nail.  Bacterial infections can be painful and you should seed medical attention.

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