Dr Oz, Do Relaxation Drinks Work? Ingredients & Alcohol Interaction

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Dr. Oz Talks About Relaxation Drinks & If They Work – Ingredients & Alcohol Interaction

Today Dr. Oz talked about one of the beverage industry trends that is growing in popularity. Relaxation drinks are the latest rage for people who are looking for something to calm them down and sooth their stress.  Dr. Oz invited Dr. Tasneem Bhatia on to the show to talk about these calming beverages and if they really work.  They discuss what ingredients are in relaxation drinks and if there are any alcohol interaction concerns that consumers should be aware of.  Also be sure to check out the accompanying segment on relaxation drink testing from Consumer Reports and what they found.

What Ingredients Are In Relaxation Drinks?

You may have heard of relaxation drinks and how they can help to calm you down while also easing your stress and anxiety, but do they work?  Dr. Tasneem Bhatia said that these anti-energy drinks contain many well known ingredients that are effective for calming a person down.  Here are the ingredients that are commonly found in the majority of relaxation drinks that are on the market today :

  • Valerian Root – Valerian is effective at reducing anxiety, nervousness, and promotes relaxation
  • GABA – A neurotransmitter the eases stress and anxiety
  • 5-HTP – Precursor to trytophan (calming ingredient found in turkey). 5 Htp is an amino acid that boosts your serotonin levels.
  • L-Theanine – A calming ingredient found in green tea that promotes relaxing brain wave patterns
  • Melatonin – Helps to put your body into a sleep state. Naturally found in your brain that increases at night

Dr. Oz talks to a sleep specialist named Dr. Carol Ash.  She said that relaxation drinks suppress the “fight or flight” response that people get when they are put into a stressful situation.  She feels that relaxation drinks are a much better alternative to “de-stress” than turning to alcohol or prescription drugs.

Are There Any Alcohol Interactions With Relaxation Drinks?

There is a huge selection of relaxation drinks and can now be purchased in grocery stores, gas stations, health food stores, and on the internet.  Dr. Tasneem said that the problem with most relaxation drinks is that they don’t show how much of each ingredient is in a drink.  She said that since you don’t know the amounts of each ingredient that are in each bottle or can you should not drink these beverages while you are drinking alcohol.  Dr. Oz also recommended that you don’t drive while drinking these beverages.

So Do Relaxation Drinks Work?

Dr. Oz invited 5 women who were “stressed out” to test numerous relaxation drinks.  Dr. Oz and Dr. Oz conducted a blind taste test to see if these drinks really work.  Dr. Oz checked the stress level of each woman and then gave them a relaxation drink to consume.  After an hour Dr. Oz tested them again.  She found that all of the women reported that they felt calmer than they did before.  Even more interesting is the fact that their blood pressure went down as well!  Dr. Ash concluded that relaxation drinks do indeed work and can be an effective way to relax and de-stress at the end of a long day.

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