Dr Oz, Do You Prefer Male or Female Doctors, Embarrassing Questions

Do You Prefer A Male Or Female Doctor? Dr. Oz Answers Embarrassing Questions You Are Too Afraid To Ask

On April 15th Dr. Oz will be talking about a subject that could literally save your life.  When you go to see your physician you should divulge any and all concerns when it comes to your health.  Despite how embarrassing a symptom or question may be you should to communicate freely with your doctor.  What may seem to be embarrassing to you just may be the vital information that you doctor may need to properly diagnose or treat your condition.  Does your physician’s gender prevent you from openly discussing your health situation?  Do you prefer a male or female doctor?  If you are a woman do you feel more comfortable talking to a woman or male when discussing health issues that may be uncomfortable?  This will be the topic discussed on April 15, 2013.  Dr. Oz will be answering many of those embarrassing questions that women have but may feel uncomfortable talking about while being examined.

Male & Female Doctors : Is There A Difference?

Is there a difference between genders when it comes to the physician you choose?  If your a woman, do you feel that a woman doctor will know more about your condition if you are concerned about a condition that only applies to women?  Do you feel that a woman can relate and understand your health problem better?  If you have a condition that you have been holding back, you will definitely want to tune in to the April 15, 2013 episode because Dr. Oz will be addressing embarrassing health related questions that many women are too afraid to ask.  No questions are off limits, and Dr. Oz has a wonderful knack of discussing uncomfortable issues and informing you while keeping you at ease at the same time.

Guests to be included on the Dr. Oz April 15, 2013 program – Suzanne Gillberg-Lenz, Roshini Raj, Suzanne Steinbaum, Eva Selhub, Debra Jaliman, and Terri Trespicio.