Dr Oz, Does Ginko Biloba Cause Cancer? – Memory Boosting Foods

Dr. Oz Talks About A Ginko Biloba Cancer Study & Memory Boosting Foods

Ginko Biloba has been promoted for many years as a supplement that can help you focus, increase your memory, and improve your concentration.  During the latter segment on today’s show Dr. Oz talks about a new study that may possibly link Ginko Biloba to cancer. While more research needs to be done Dr. Oz talks with Dr. Russell Greenfield about the merits of this study.

Has Ginko Biloba Been Linked To Cancer?

Ginko has been used to treat all sorts of ailments like lack of focus, concentration, memory problems, hearing difficulties, asthma, digestion ailments and much more.  However, has recent research suggested that the benefits may be exceeded by the potential risk of cancer?  Dr. Oz invited Dr. Russell Greenfield on to the show to discuss this concerning topic.  Dr. Greenfield said that there has been a recent study that may indicate an increased risk for liver and thyroid cancer.  However, this study was done with rats and mice and not humans.  Dr. Oz was quick to point this out and Dr. Greenfield agreed.  They said that more research needs to be done but it is something that people should be aware of.

Dr. Greenfield told the viewers that it his opinion that people shouldn’t be worried about an increased cancer risk from only one study.  However, he does not recommend Ginko Biloba to his patients because he feels that more research needs to be done that indicate that Ginko can improve someone’s memory or prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.  He did go on to say that Ginko may be of some benefit for people who already have Alzheimers or dementia.  For those just looking to get a brain boost, more research needs to be done.

Memory Boosting Foods

There are ways in which you can boost your memory through diet.  Dr. Oz asked a couple of audience members to take a quiz on stage to see if they know which foods could improve their memory.  Here are the questions that Dr. Oz asked the contestants.

Which breakfast food can improve your memory? Eggs or yogurt? – Eggs can boost your memory because the yolks contain choline.  Choline has been shown to be helpful in fighting against dementia.

Which food can boost your mental performance? Beets or Edamame? – Dr. Oz said that beets can help to improve your concentration and focus.

Which protein can protect your memory? Lean turkey or shrimp?  – Dr. Oz said that the answer is shrimp because of the iron that it contains.  It also contains B12 which can protect against mental decline.

What herb can help to improve your memory? Bay leaves or Rosemary? Dr. Oz said that adding rosemary to your diet (or even smelling it) can improve your memory.

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