Dr Oz, Does Sensa Work For Weight Loss? Is It Safe? Price

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Dr Oz Sensa Review – Is It Safe?  Does It Help You Lose Weight?

With so many diets and weight loss programs to choose from, how do you choose which is the right one for you?  You may have seen those late night infomercials that says that you can simply sprinkle on some “Sensa” to your food and it will help you magically lose weight.  Dr. Oz did some research on Sensa and did an episode today called “Sensa – Sensation or Senseless?”.  Dr. Oz answers questions you may have like “Does It help for weight loss”, and “Is it safe?”  Dr. Oz also invited 6 women to perform a Sensa 5 Day Weight Loss Trial before the show.

How Does Sensa Work?

Dr Oz, Sensa weight loss

Dr Oz : Does Sensa Work For Weight Loss?

The Sensa weight loss program claims that you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight by sprinkling the powder on to your food.   There are two different kinds of powder that you sprinkle on your food. One is salty, while the other is sweet. Dr. Oz invited Dr. Alan hirsch on to the show (creator of Sensa) to talk about how the process works.  Dr. Hirsch said that the powder enhances the smell and taste of food.  This heightened sensation makes you feel as if you have had more so you will eat less to be satisfied.

They had a table set that was filled with sweets, sugary desserts, and fried foods that are high in unhealthy saturated fats.  Of course, Dr. Oz doesn’t promote the consumption of these sorts of food.  So, Dr. Oz voiced his concern about saying that you can eat anything you want. Dr. Hirsch said that people will want to eat foods that they enjoy.  He said that if you sprinkle Sensa on these foods you will eat less of these foods and you will lose weight.

What Is The Price For Sense?

So you may be wondering how much does this magical powder cost?  Dr. Alan Hirsch says that the price of Sensa costs between 40 to 60 dollars per month, or less than two dollars per day.  When you look at the cost as only being two dollars a day, this is very economical.  He says that you will eat less food so by the end of the month you will actually have more money in your pocket!

Why Does Sensa Work?

Dr. Oz explained to the audience about the “Science of Sensa” and why it works.  Dr. Oz said that when we eat we first feel the sensation of smell and taste when we put food in our mouth.  After that, the food travels to our stomach and a signal is sent to our brain.  After your brain senses that you have had enough food it will send a signal that will make you feel full and satisfied.  Dr. Hirsch says that the Sensa powder enhances the smell and taste so the message from the stomach is immediately sent to our brain. The brain then sends the signal that you feel full much faster and you will eat less.  The faster the brain receives the signal the faster you will feel full.  This is why Sensa helps you to lose weight in a safe way.

Weight Loss Sensa Trial

Dr. Hirsch performed a weight loss trial involving Sensa.  He found that initially they lost weight, but didn’t continue to lose weight.  So, Dr. Hirsch added different flavored powders that the “study” participants switched to after each month.  When they did this, their weight loss continued and people lost an average of 30 pounds over a 6 month time period.  Dr. Hirsch says that millions of people have lost weight safely and successfully by using Sensa.