Dr Oz, Dolvett Quince 21 Day, 2 Dress Size Weight Loss 3-1-2-1 Guide

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Dr. Oz Talks To Dolvett Quince About His 21 Diet Diet Plan To lose 2 Dress Sizes

Has your favorite dress been hanging in your closes for what seems like forever because you haven’t been able to fit into it for so long?  Does the thought of dropping 2 or 3  dress sizes seem overwhelming?  If so, the November 21 show was one that would have interested you.  Dr. Oz invited Dolvett Quince on to the show (the trainer from The Biggest Loser) to talk about how you can indeed lose 2 dress sizes in only 21 days.

Drop 2 Dress Sizes In 21 Days Diet Plan

Dolvett Quince (author of Eat and Cheat Your Way To Weight Loss) doesn’t believe in the word “diet.”  He would rather people think of their new way of eating as a lifestyle.  He thinks you should still be able to eat the foods that you enjoy and still lose weight at the same time.  Under Dolvett Quince’s weight loss play you are even allowed to cheat! However, your “cheats” should be planned.

Dolvett Quince’s Weight Loss Guidelines To Lose 2 Dress Sizes in 21 Days :

  • Count the calories in your meals to control your portion size
  • Cycle “cheat” days in with your “clean” days.
  • 3-1-2-1 cycle rule :  You should have three 1,500 calore “clean” days followed by one “cheat” day in which you are allowed 1,700 calories.  Then follow that up with two 1,500 calorie days and then one 1,700 calorie cheat day.
  • Food combos – Combine foods that are high in vitamin C with foods that are high in mono-unsaturated fats.  This particular food combo will help to lower your cortisol levels.  High cortisol levels are associated with belly fat.  Another food combination would be to eat high fiber foods with healthy fats.  This helps to regulate your blood sugar and reduce your cravings.
  • Reduce your stress and belly bloat by drinking dandelion tea and coconut water.
  • Do workouts that exercise all parts of your body.

Following these tips will help you to lose two dress sizes in only 21 days (although results may vary).

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