Dr Oz, Dr Brandts Crease Release, GABA, Matrixyl Wrinkle Creams

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Dr. Oz Talks About Cheap “Botox In A Bottle” Creams To Reduce Wrinkles – Dr. Brandt’s Crease Release

Wrinkles….. They are one of the biggest complaints for men and women as they get older.  However, is there anything you can really do to prevent or reduce wrinkles?  You can opt for surgeries or botox treatments but they are costly and don’t come without risks.   Fortunately there are cheaper alternative treatments that are effective at a fraction of the costs.  Today Dr. Oz shared wrinkle creams that have been dubbed “botox in a bottle” for their ability to reduce wrinkles and firm the skin.

Dr. Lori Brightman was invited on to today’s show to discuss cheaper, botox alternative solutions for wrinkles of the the forehead, crows feet around the eyes, the “11’s” between the eyes, around the lips, eyebrows, etc… Whatever your biggest problem area (as far as wrinkles go) Lori had some suggestions for you.  Here are the “botox in a bottle” wrinkle creams that were shared on the show :

GABA Creams (Dr. Brandt’s Crease Release) – These type of ski creams help to relax the muscles and will improve your complexion.  All you need is a pea size amount. In the beginning use just once per day to see how your skin reacts to the cream.  Increase to twice per day if there isn’t any irritation.  The brands that was suggested was Dr. Brandt’s Crease Release.

Clarins Instant Smoothing Perfecting Touch (or brands containing Matrixyl and Dermaxyl) – These type of creams will give your face a fresher appearance and will plump up your skin.  The brand suggested by Dr. Brightman was Clarins Instant Smoothing Perfecting Touch.

Embarrassing Ailment Remedies

Also on today’s show was a segment about embarrassing health conditions.  Here are the ailments and remedies given on the show :

Chronic Yeast Infections : Reduce your intake of sugar and dairy.

Bad Breath : Drink cinnamon tea before you go to bed at night.  The tea will help to kill the bad breath causing bacteria.  Eating an apple each day helps to cleanse your teeth and keep your breath smelling fresh.

Incontinence : Dr. Oz suggested taking magnesium.  Dr. Oz said that magnesium works because it helps to relax the bladder.  He also said that you should avoid spicy foods and caffeine if incontinence is a problem for you.  He said that they both irritate the bladder.

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