Dr Oz, Dr Drew Interview, Mindy McCready Died of Stigma, Addiction

Dr. Drew Pinsky Talks With Dr. Oz About Mindy McCready’s Death and Her Struggles With Addiction

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Drew Pinsky (from Celecbrity Rehab) on to the show to talk about Mindy McCready’s death and her battle with addiction.  Dr. Drew knew Mindy McCready personally since she appeared on Celebrity Rehab 4 years ago and his professional is that she died of the “Stigma” associated with addiction.  He said that he kept in touch with Mindy over the past four years and recently talked her in to checking into a psychiatric hospital, but tragically she committed suicide shortly after being released.

Are Celebrities Paid To Appear On Celebrity Rehab?

Yes.  Dr. Drew said that guest participants who appear on Celebrity Rehab are indeed paid for their time spent on the show.  He explained to Dr. Oz that when many guests appear on the show they do not take their sobriety seriously. However, many of the guests become more invested in the program and their recovery from addiction.  Dr. Drew also mentioned that all the participants are given “after care” help if they desire.

Addiction Linked To Half of Preventable Deaths

Dr. Drew told Dr. Oz that half of all preventable deaths are linked to addiction.  He said that is what led him to the field of treating people who struggle with addiction.  Dr. Drew believes that addiction is one of the most serious health risks of our time.

Dr. Oz talked about some of the criticism that has been directed towards Dr. Drew after the death of Mindy McCready.  Dr. Drew Pinsky said that he is  hopeful that Mindy’s death won’t be in vain but unfortunately more people will lose their battle with addiction.  He told Dr. Oz that he doesn’t feel responsible for Mindy’s death but he was devastated when he heard the news.  He mentioned to Dr. Oz that it had been four years since he treated Mindy McCready and his time treating patients is limited to only 18 days.  Recovery is an ongoing process and people who suffer from addiction have to have the desire to recover from within.

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