Dr Oz, Dr Laura Berman Breast Cancer Interview, Mastectomy

Dr. Laura Berman Talks With Dr Oz About Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Double Mastectomy

You likely have heard Dr. Laura Berman on television or over the radio voicing her expertise and providing therapy to those in need.  Today, Dr Berman sat down with Dr Oz to talk about her own life challenges including her diagnosis of breast cancer.  She talks in depth about what she went through, how she handled it and how she decided upon which treatment to undergo.  Also be sure to check out the prior segment on integrated medicine and how Vitamin D can decrease your risk for breast cancer.

Dr Oz Interview With Laura Berman About Breast Cancer

Dr. Laura revealed to Dr. Oz that when she heard about her diagnosis her initial response was complete shock.  She said when she found out about the diagnosis it was as if she was going through an out of body experience.  She said that it was so shocking because all of her prior mammograms were completely normal and there was nothing to be alarmed about.  She explained to Dr. Oz that she did receive mammograms regularly because she felt like she was a high risk candidate because her mother passed away from breast cancer.

Dr Laura Berman Breast Cancer Treatment

dr laura berman, breast cancer, dr oz

Dr Oz talks with Dr Laura Berman about breast cancer.

Dr. Laura Berman said that when you have breast cancer in the milk ducts you can often remove the lump without having to remove the entire breast. However, in her case the cancer was at the wall of her breast so the entire breast had to be removed.  She then had to weigh the option of whether she should have her other breast removed as well.  She ultimately decided to keep her right breast considering that she was cancer free, but she did contemplate removing it as a preventive measure.

Dr. Laura explained to Dr. Oz that she was more concerned to her husband’s reaction about her breast removal and if he would still find her attractive.  She said that after the surgery it took some time to grieve the loss of her breast.  She said that her husband gave her positive affirmation and really helped to get her through this process as a woman.

Dr. Oz then asked Dr. Laura Berman what her diagnosis taught her.  She said that it brought many challenges to her life.  She says that the entire experience has changed her in a positive way.  She said that whenever we are faced with a crisis in life we should all look for ways in which we can learn from the situation and become a better person.