Dr Oz, Dr. Perlmutter Carb and Alzheimers Link, Foods To Add To Diet

Dr. Oz Talks To Dr. Perlmutter About Carbs and Why He Believes That They May Cause Alzheimers Disease

Dr. Oz has spoken about Alzheimer’s Disease several times on his show over the past 5 years, but on October 21 Dr. Oz will be sharing some information that some consider cutting edge, while others may consider it “controversial”.  Dr. Oz will be inviting on Dr. David Perlmutter on to his show about why he thinks people get Alzheimer’s and if you may be able to prevent this debilitating disease by adding the right foods to your diet.  Is it possible to protect yourself or your loved ones from getting Alzheimer’s?

Do Carbs Cause Alzheimer’s Disease?

Dr. Perlmutter believes that one of the biggest carbohydrates are one of the biggest causes to Alzheimer’s and he will be talking with Dr. Oz about why he believes carbs are “poison” to the brain.

Does Your Big Belly Put You At Greater Risk For Alzheimers?

Dr. Perlmutter believes that your brain literally shrinks the bigger that your belly gets.  Be sure to tune in to the October, 21s episode to see what his scientific reasons are to lead him to believe this.

Does Fat Protect Your Brain

While Dr. Perlmutter believes that excess belly fat may increase your risk for Alzheimers, he will be talking about why consuming healthy fats may actually protect your brain.  Dr. Oz is a frequent advocate of consuming healthy fats like avocado’s, salmon, extra virgin olive oil, etc…  While, many of us already know that these healthy fats provide heart healthy benefits, can they also protect us from getting Alzheimer’s Disease as well?  Dr. Oz frequently reminds viewers that our diet is our #1 defense against many life threatening diseases.  This will make the 10-21-2013 episode an intriguing one to say the least when they talk about the foods that can help protect our brain so we can live our life to the fullest each and every day.

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