Dr Oz, Dragon Fruit, Maca, Pea Protein, Watermelon Juice = Energy

Dr. Oz Talks About Coffee Alternative Energy Boosters : Maca, Dragon Fruit, Pea Protein, and Watermelon Juice

Does coffee make you jittery or keep you up at night?  If so, you are not alone.  Many people aren’t able to drink coffee because of how caffeine reacts with their bodies.  If this sounds like you, Dr. Oz shared some natural energy boosters to help give you the energy you need but without some of the side effects that coffee may cause for some people.  With the help of 5 women he tested out the following 5 energy boosters and asked them go give an honest review about what they thought and if they really received an energy boost!

Pea Protein Powder For Long Lasting Energy Boost

Dr. Oz said that Pea Protein powder gives you sustained energy that will last all day..  Dr. Oz actually used pea protein powder in his own home because it is high in protein and iron, without containing a lot of sugar.  Dr. Oz offered these tips when you take pea protein powder :

  • Eat your serving of protein powder within 30 minutes of getting out of bed.  Dr. Oz suggested adding it to cereal, yogurt, or breakfast smoothies.
  • Each serving only costs approximately 55 cents so it’s a low cost way of giving you sustained energy to help get you through all of the peaks and valleys of your day.

Maca Supplements

Are you one of those people who start the day off full of energy, but sometime right before lunch you just crash?  Dr. Oz said that Maca supplements would be the perfect option to help you get through your afternoon slumps.

Maca Supplement – Dr. Oz said to look for a maca supplement that is 1,000 mg..  You should take it with breakfast to give you a boost of energy all day long.  Maca root supplements can be fount in many health food stores for about 12 dollars.

Dragon Fruit The “Triple Threat” Natural Boost

Dr. Oz said that Dragon Fruit is great way to naturally ingest energy boosting vitamins.  Dragon Fruit is the “Triple Threat” because it is very high in B Vitamins, Iron, and Vitamin C. Dragon Fruit – Natural energy booster that can be found in many grocery stores

  • You should only eat the white and black part of the fruit

Watermelon Juice

Looking for a alternative way to get through afternoon slumps rather than reaching for another cup of coffee?  Dr. Oz said that watermelon juice is a great alternative coffee.  He suggested that you should try a 16 oz glass of watermelon juice in place of coffee the next time you feel yourself beginning to “crash” in the afternoons.Beats Increase Blood Supply To Your BodyDo you often feel sluggish late in the day?  Dr. Oz said that beets are full of minerals and vitamins that will help to increase blood supply in the body.  Dr. Oz suggested that :

  • Eat 1 cup cooked beets every day (you can use canned beets)
  • If you do not like the taste of beets, try roasted beats. The flavor is more relaxed and you will still receive benefit.

Do you have a natural energy booster that you would like to share?

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