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Dream Journaling and How Your Dreams Can Help You Lose Weight on Dr. Oz

Have you been having health related dreams without even realizing it?  Today Dr. Oz invited Cynthia Richmond on to the show to talk about the meaning of health related dreams and how dreams can help you to lose weight.  During this segment Cynthia talks about how any why you should keep a journal and how to remember your dream frequently and more vividly.

How Dreams Can Help You To Lose Weight

Dr Oz, dreams journal, remembering your dreams, dreams to lose weight

How Dreams Can Help You Lose Weight and Dream Journals on Dr. Oz

Dream expert Cynthia Richmond (the author of The Dream Power Journal) told the viewers and Dr. Oz that dreams can help you lose weight.  While Dr. Oz was still intrigued to hear her viewpoints he did seem skeptical about dreams having the ability to help with weight loss.  Cynthia says that people usually gain all the weight back that they manage to lose.  She says the reason why many people gain their weight back is because they haven’t dealt with the underlying emotional reasons that caused them to gain weight in the first place…  People have many emotional reasons that can trigger unhealthy eating habits.  Some people don’t feel happy with their physical appearance, others have emotional issues from their childhood, etc… etc…

If you can’t quite figure out the emotional reasons why you have gained weight it’s ok because  Cynthia says that your subconscious mind already knows.  Your subconscious mind can help you if you can remember your dreams.  Cynthia said that you should start writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up. If you don’t write down your dreams immediately you will likely forget them.  She also recommends writing down questions that you would like answered in your dreams.  One example question she gave was “How can I lose weight?”.  She said that the answer to your question may come quickly or it may take awhile.  Once your dream has answered your question you can begin working on the solution to your question.

Does Everybody Dream?

Dr. Oz asked Cynthia what do people do who never remember their dreams.  She said that we all dream every night.  It’s important to practice the act of telling ourselves that we are going to remember our dreams before we go to bed. When you tell yourself that you are going to remember your dreams (and if you be sure to write them down as soon as you wake up) you will start to remember them.  When you are writing them down in your journal be sure to write down specific details.

Cynthia explained to Dr. Oz that when you get into the habit of writing down the specific details of your dream you will start to understand what they mean and what your subconscious mind is telling you.  Remember to ask questions that you want  your dreams to answer and you will get better at remembering and interpreting them.