Dr Oz, Is Drinking Beer, Eating Dessert, Being Messy Good For Health?

Dr. Oz Talks About “Bad Habits” That Just May Be Healthy For You!

Dr. Oz invited Tanisha Thomas on to the show (The Bad Girls Club) about her bad habits and how she is trying to improve her lifestyle.  Dr. Oz talks about some “bad habits” that may not be so bad after all..  Some bad habits may even be good for you! (In moderation of course)

Is Drinking Beer Good For You?

Most people assume that drinking beer is bad for you.. Actually it is when you drink more than you should but Dr. Oz said that drinking beer is good for you if you only drink beer in small amounts.  He said that small amounts of beer is good for you because it fights heart disease.

Is Being Messy A Good Or Bad Habit To Have Healthwise?

Under certain circumstances being messy can be good for your health.  For example, Dr. Oz said that if you do not make your bed it could be good for your health because it gives the sheets time to dry (if you sweat on your sheets).  Sheets that are still damp provide an environment for dust mites to thrive so allowing them to air dry can be good for your health.

Is Spending Time Online Good Or Bad For Your Health?

Dr. Oz said that surfing the net is good for health if you do so in moderation and are not sitting in front of the computer all day.  You can stimulate your mind which is good for your brain.  Dr. Oz did mention that you shouldn’t go overboard while surfing the internet however!

Is Eating Dessert Healthy?

Dr. Oz said that eating dessert can absolutely be healthy for you if you choose the right ingredients.  Here is a “healthy” frosting recipe for you to enjoy the next time you have dessert (without the guilt!)

    1. Buy some whipped topping from the store
    2. Add healthy fruits to the topping….. Like strawberries for instance
    3. Add some chopped nuts as a topping for a healthy and delicious dessert recipe!

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