Dr Oz, Dulse Flakes, Sluggish Thyroid Foods – Miso Soup, Vitamin A

Dr. Oz Talks About Ways To Wake Up Your Sluggish Thyroid

Have you been diagnosed with a sluggish thyroid and would like to take something natural to help speed up your thyroid?  Thyroid problems can cause a wide assortment of health issues.  for many people a sluggish thyroid can keep you from losing weight.  During this segment of today’s (February 24, 2014 show) Dr. Oz talks about how dulce flakes, miso soup, and Vitamin A foods can help speed up your thyroid.

Sluggish Thyroid Symptoms :

  • Brittle skin
  • Brittle hair and nails
  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Constipation
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue

Dr. Oz said that ay of the symptoms listed above could be an indicator that you have problems with your thyroid.  If you have several of the symptoms you should be concerned about thyroid issues.  Here are some of the foods that Dr. Oz suggested to help speed up a sluggish thyroid.

Dulse Flakes Are High In Iodine

So, what are Dulse Flakes?  Dr. Oz said that Dulse Flakes are bits of seaweed that are rich in iodine.  This helps to speed up your thyroid and your metabolism.  Dulse flakes have a salty taste but they are low in sodium. Dulse Flakes can be found in many health food stores.

Miso Soup Is Good For Your Thyroid

Dr. Oz said that Miso Soup is good for your thyroid because they are high in zinc.  Zinc words side by side with Iodine to help boost your thyroid function. Have one cup of miso soup each day for thyroid health.  Look for a miso soup that is low in sodium.

Vitamin A Rich Foods Healthy For Your Thyroid

Foods that are rich in Vitamin A can help to balance your thyroid.  Foods like sweet potatoes and cantaloupe are two examples of foods that are high in Vitamin A

Boost Your Metabolism With Brazin Nuts

Brazil Nuts are high in Selenium.  Eating just a few Brazil Nuts each day will give you a full days dose of Selenium but you can have more.

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