Dr. Oz, Earlobe Crease Heart Disease, Fatty Eylids Cholesterol Signs

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Dr. Oz Talks About Face Mapping and What Clues Your Face May Give You About Your Health

Dr. Oz invited Dr. David A Friedman and Lillian Pearl Baker on to the show to talk about the ancient practice of face mapping.  Dr. Friedman and Lillian Baker believe that Face mapping can tell you what is going on inside your body to give you clues about potential health ailments.

Could An Earlobe Crease Be A Sign Of Heart Disease?

Lillian Baker says that she can look at someones face and see clues that may give her an idea about the health of their organs.  One sign she looks for on a person’s face is a crease in a person’s earlobe.  She said that an earlobe crease can be a sign of high blood pressure and/or heart disease.   Also be sure to check out and see how you can tell if your pregnant by face reading and what sunken cheeks or dark circles under your eyes may indicate about your health.

Fatty Eyelids Association With Cholesterol

Lillian Pearl Baker said that fatty eyelids can be a signal of floating cholesterol in your body.   She said that fatty eyelids can also mean that your liver and gallbladder isn’t processing cholesterol the way that they should.  Floating cholesterol can turn into plaque in your arteries and lead to heart disease.  Dr. Oz (who is a heart surgeon) agreed with Lillian’s assessment about floating cholesterol and the potential health risks that this can pose.

Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes can be a signal that you aren’t getting enough sleep or that you are dehydrated.  Lillian Baker said that dark circles under the eyes can also be a symptom that your kidneys aren’t functioning properly. Dr. Oz invited two members from the audience to put Lillian’s face mapping skills to the test.  Both of the participants shared their medical history with Dr. Oz before the show but their medical files weren’t disclosed to Lillian.  Just by looking at their faces she was accurately able to diagnose what medical ailments were in their medical files.

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