Dr Oz, Earworms, Scars From Picking Scabs, Compulsive Scratching Quirks

Unusual Behaviors – Are You Normal Or Nuts?  Dr. Oz Talks About Quirky Behaviors

Do you have a behavior that others think are a little bizarre?  Have you ever noticed behaviors from others that make you wonder if maybe they are just plain nuts?  On today’s (November 26, 2013) episode Dr. Oz talks about some of the quirkiest behaviors that his viewers have spoken to him about.  Is it normal to pick your scabs to the point of leaving scars? Is compulsive scratching normal or nuts?  Do you ever get songs stuck in your head (earworms) all day long regardless of how you try to distract yourself?  These are just a few of the quirky behaviors that were discussed on today’s Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz’s viewers wondered if their behaviors were normal or nuts.  Here are a few examples that were given on today’s show :

  • One woman said that she simply can not allow her food to touch.  She also cuts all of her food into squares.
  • One woman is scared to drive over any type of bridge
  • One woman divulged that she is obsessed with popping zits.

Compulsive Scratching and Scab Picking

One woman revealed to Dr. Oz that she picks her scabs to the point that they leave scars.  She feels that she does this to relieve stress.  Is this crazy or is it normal behavior?

Dr. Jen Hartstein explained that this is a very common habit and people do this to relieve stress.  Dr. Oz said that sometimes people pick deeper or become compulsive scratchers.  He said that for many people it gives them a distracting sensation and even an endorphin boost.  This bad habit can also leave you prone to developing infections and scars from compulsive scratching or picking at scabs.  Dr. Hartstein suggested looking for positive ways in which to keep busy and boost your emotions in a healthier way.

Are Earworms Normal? (Songs Stuck In Your Head)

Most people have experienced earworms from time to time.  If you aren’t sure what that term means, it’s just means having a song stuck in your head.  Dr. Hartstein said that as much as 90 percent of us get songs stuck in our heads from time to time.  Is this normal or just plain nuts?

Dr. Oz said that sometimes our brains will find ways to distract us from our problems.  Dr. Hartstein said that sometimes you just have to let “earworms” run it’s course or try to distract your thoughts or replace it with something else.  For some people, repetitive thoughts such as these can become a problem large enough to where they need to seek out professional help to find out where these repetitive thoughts are coming from.

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