Dr Oz, Eat Yogurt With Beans Prevents Gas, Clean Ears With Baby Oil

Dr. Oz Talks About Foods To Prevent Gas and The Longest Organ In Your Body….. Your Intestines

Kids joined Dr. Oz on today’s March 28, 2014 episode to share some of their video footage catching their parents in the act of doing something embarrassing.  Nobody is safe anymore during the age of the smartphone.  It was hilarious to watch the videos during this segment but also very informative.  Dr. Oz talks about why eating yogurt helps to prevent gas if you have been eating beats.  Dr. Oz also talks about the longest organ in your body, your intestines…

Eating Yogurt With Beans Helps To Prevent Gas

One of the kids that appeared on the show video taped his dad “farting”… While this is very normal, it’s also one of those side effects from eating foods (like beans) that tend to make you gassy.  Dr. Oz said that if you eat leafy greens or yogurt with “gassy foods” your gas will be greatly reduced.

Clean Out Your Ears With Baby Oil Rather Than Q-Tips

The next child who video taped their mom who was busy cleaning her ears with q-tips and then comparing her ear wax from one day to the next..  Her kid that that this was gross so she videotaped mom in the midst of the act so she could send it in to Dr. Oz to see what he thought about this practice.  Dr. Oz said that you should be careful cleaning your ears with Q-Tips because you can actuall cause ear damage.  Instead of using q-tips you should drop a few drops of baby oil into your ear.  This will melt your ear wax.  You then should flush out the baby oil with water.  Easy as that.

Your Intestines Are 26 Feet Long!

Dr. Oz closed the segment talking about the longest and “squishiest” organs in your body.  The kids who appeared on the show were chosen to be his special guests to be his assistants.  Here is what they learned :

  • Your tongue has thousands of taste buds and has 8 muscles..  You should cleanse your tongue the same way that you brush your teeth.. Brushing your tongue will help to prevent bad breath.
  • Your intestines are by far the longest organ in your body.  Eating a healthy diet is vital to keeping your intestines healthy.  You intestines are help to digest food, absorb food, and eliminate toxins and waste.

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