Dr Oz, Eat Your Way Thin & Boost Metabolism, Vitamin Worth The Money?

April 9, 2013 Topic : How You Can Eat Your Way Thin and Boost Your Metabolism & “Are Your Vitamins Healthy?”

On the April 9, 2013 Dr. Oz will be inviting Haylie Pomroy on to the show to talk about her plan to “Eat Your Way Thin” and boost your metabolism to lose weight by eating more!  If you love to eat, but don’t like those extra inches that you have added over the years this is the episode for you!  Dr. Oz will also be talking about vitamin supplements and if they are worth the money.  He will be revealing some information that may surprise you. Find out which supplements you should get and which ones are just a waste of money.

Update : The show has been aired and here are the segments that were featured on today’s program :

  • Lose 20 Pounds in 28 Days – Dr. Oz talks with Haylie Pomroy about her 28 day plan to lose 20 pounds by boosting your metabolism eating the right complex carbs, fats, and lean proteins.
  • Strawberry French Toast Recipe – How would you like to eat french toast for breakfast and still lose weight?  You can if you follow this recipe shared by Haylie Pomroy.  It contains metabolism boosting ingredients that will satisfy your breakfast carb cravings while revving up your body’s ability to burn calories.
  • Tuna Salad Red Pepper – This tuna salad & red pepper recipe contains low fat proteins that will jumpstart your metabolism and improve your thyroid function.
  • Avocado & Turkey Wrap – Heart healthy fats and lean proteins in the third phase of the “Eat Your Way Thin” fast metabolism 28 day plan.

Eat More To Weight Less?

Does this sound too good to be true?  According to Haylie Pomroy you can eat more while losing weight.  Dr. Oz and Haylie will be talking about a plan that will kickstart your internal oven and burn more calories by boosting your metabolism.  Devoted followers of Haylie Pomroy’s philosophy of losing weight by eating more have dubbed her as the “Metabolism Whisperer”.  She believes that the secrets to unleash your metabolism to new heights is by eating the right foods that kickstart body’s natural fat burning engines.  You will burn more calories in between meals and even while you are sleeping at night!

Be sure to set your DVR’s to see this episode (on 4-9-2013) if you are tired of dieting with very little success.  The fat burning secrets lie in your metabolism and your ability to burn fat and calories more efficiently, 24 hours a day!

Are Your Vitamin Supplements Worth The Money And Are They Healthy?

On the April 9th episode Dr. Oz will be revealing the latest news about vitamins and if you should be spending your money on vitamin supplements.  Dr. Oz will be putting different brands to the test.  Which vitamins pass the test and which ones are delivering what the labels say.  Find out which brands are living up to their promises and which are not.  Be sure not to miss this segment if you frequently purchase vitamin supplements so you know that you are getting what you pay for!

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Guests to be appearing : Haylie Pomroy, Dr. Tod Cooperman