Dr. Oz, Eating at Night Diet Myth, Cutting Calories n Weight Loss

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Dr. Oz on “Diet Myths” – Eating at Night, Do Vegetarians Lose More Weight? Cutting Calories Prevents Weight Loss?

On today’s (February 12, 2014) show Dr. Oz’s opening segment was called “Diet Myths Debunked”.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about diet myths that many men and women believe to be as fact.  Have you always thought that eating at night would cause you to gain weight?  Or that cutting calories was the best way to lose weight? Or maybe that vegetarians lost more weight than meat eaters?  Read on to see what Dr. Oz has to say about which of these are long standing diet myths and which ones really work!

Do Vegetarians Lose More Weight?

Many people associate vegetarians as being thin.  Would adopting a vegetarian diet help you to lose weight?  According to Dr. Oz, this all depends on the eating habits that you adopt in the vegetarian diet lifestyle.  Dr. Oz said that many vegetarians gain weight because they eat more carbohydrates instead of proteins.

Dr Oz: Does Being a Vegetarian Help You Lose Weight?

The first diet myth Dr. Oz addressed is the belief that being a vegetarian helps you lose weight. What do you think? Have you considered becoming a vegetarian because you were told it could help you shed pounds? Dr. Oz says this is actually a myth because some vegetarians actually gain weight, but there are definitely some health benefits to switching to a plant-based diet. The problem occurs when vegetarians trade out protein, which is good for weight loss, and replace it with carbohydrates.  If you are trying to lose weight a vegetarian diet may not be the best choice.

Will Eating At Night Make You Gain Weight?

Many people have always believed that eating at night will cause you to gain weight.  Is this  a true or a myth? Dr. Oz said that a recent study concludes that eating late at night does cause you to gain weight, even if you have a job that requires you to work later hours.  However, this doesn’t need to be the case.  If you have a job that requires you to work the night shift you should follow the same eating routines that are best for everyone else.  Your first meal should be your largest.  Your second a little less, and your third meal should be the smallest of the day. Remember :

  • Eat like a king your first meal
  • Like a prince the second
  • Like a pauper your third

Does Cutting Calories Prevent Weight Loss?

Is cutting calories the best way to lose weight?  If you have always thought this, you are not alone.  Dr. Oz said that this diet methodology is a myth!  Dr. Oz said that when you cut calories your metabolism slows down.  Not only that, your body will begin to burn away muscle instead of your fat stores.  You will ultimately hold on to the fat stores that your trying lose, while you lose lean muscle mass that you want to hang on to!

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