Dr Oz, Elastic Therapeutic Tape, Herbal Pain Patch for Neck, Back, Joint

Dr Oz Talks About Pain Treatments For Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain – Herbal Pain Patches & Elastic Tape

If you suffer from neck, shoulder, back, or joint pain you know how big of an impact that chronic pain can be on your life.  Simple day to day activities suddenly aren’t so simple.  Today (May 7, 2013) Dr. Oz invited medical experts in the field of pain management on to the show to talk about some safe, easy, and inexpensive solutions to ease your pain and allow you to take control of your life back by increasing your mobility.  Also be sure to check out the epidural steroid injection risks to consider if you are considering getting this treatment to manage your pain. Not to mention the groundbreaking ElectroAcupuncture therapy as a safe alternative treatment for chronic pain!

Herbal Pain Patch For Muscle and Joint Pain Review

Herbal pain patches are another way in which you can treat muscle and and joint pain without resorting to prescription medication.  Dr. Oz invited acupuncurist Daniel Hsu on to the show.  Daniel said that one of the biggest reasons people suffer from muscle and joint pain is because of inactivity and weight gain.  Frankincense and Myrrh herbal pain patches can be found in drug stores and they only cost around 2 bucks!  It was suggested that you should look for herbal pain patches that have frankincense and myrrh listed on the label.

Treat Neck & Shoulder Pain With Elastic Therapeutic Tape

Dr. Oz invited Karena Wu on to the show to talk about how you can treat neck and shoulder pain without the need for medication.  The best part is that it is an inexpensive therapy that really does work.  Therapeutic tape is easy to apply and eases your pain quickly.

Karena Wu (physical therapist) explained to Dr. Oz and the viewers that neck and shoulder pain is often caused by poor posture and things we do in our daily routine.  She said that elastic therapeutic tape can offer you immediate relief without the use of medications.  She said to leave the tape on the affected area for two to three days to receive the most benefits.  She said that elastic therapeutic tapes comes in multiple shapes and sizes and are relatively inexpensive.  You can buy elastic therapeutic tape in drug stores or online for only about 8 dollars.

Exercises To Ease Back Pain

Dr. Oz talked to a sports medicine expert named Greg Roskopf to talk about how you can utilize targeted exercises to strengthen areas that often cause back pain.  Greg said that back pain is often attributed to muscle weakness as we get older.  You need to keep the muscles that support the spine in shape.  During this segment Greg Roskopf shared a technique that will strengthen your hip flexor muscles and it only takes a few seconds a day to do.

To do this plan you simply lay on the floor and raise up one leg as high as you can. Add a little resistance to your leg with your hands and try to hold your leg in that position for 6 seconds. Lower your leg and repeat for 6 repetitions.  Do the other leg in the same fashion and the exercise is complete.

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