Dr Oz, ElectroAcupuncture Treatments, Vitamin D Deficiency & Back Pain

Dr. Oz Talks About ElectroAcupuncture  Alternative Treatments For Back Pain

Today’s Dr. Oz show was about neck, shoulder, back, and joint pain.  During the first two segments Dr. Oz talks about inexpensive pain treatments as well as the risks involved with epidural steroid injections.  During this segment of the show Dr. Oz talks about a cutting edge new alternative treatment for back pain called ElectroAcupuncture.  Dr. Oz discusses this new treatment with Dr. Daniel Hsu and why this treatment could be what you have been searching for to alleviate your chronic pain.  Dr. Oz also talks with Janna Friedly about how Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to chronic back pain and why you should consider having your Vitamin D levels checked.

ElectroAcupuncture Back Pain Treatement

Daniel Hsu (Acupuncturist) performed a demonstration on Dr. Oz’s stage to explain how ElectroAcupuncture works and why this alternative treatment can give you relief from back pain without all of the risks that surgery or epidural steroid injections pose.  Daniel Hsu said that this treatment is similar to traditional acupuncture but electrical stimulation is also sent to the areas on your body that is experiencing pain.  They performed a demonstration on stage and Dr. Oz said that this groundbreaking therapy could be what many people who are suffering from chronic pain are looking for. Here is how ElectroAcupuncture Works

  • Acupuncture needles are poked into targeted areas of the back
  • Electrodes are connected between a hand held stimulator and the acupuncture needles
  • The hand held stimulator is then adjusted according to help alleviate the patients pain

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked To Back Pain?

When people experience back pain many people think that the only thing that they can do is to get on pain medications, injections, or risky surgeries.  Before you try riskier approaches Dr. Oz said that there are some alternative treatments to consider first.  Dr. Oz said that there has been some research done that has shown that Vitamin D deficiency is linked to many people with back pain.  Consider getting your Vitamin D levels checked at the doctors office to rule out this possibility.

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