Dr Oz, Embarrassing Myths Aug. 23 Episode, Chris Powell 5 Min Workout

Dr. Oz August 23, 2013 Topics : Embarrassing Myths & Tips From Chris Powell For Health & Weight Loss

Have you ever hear a myth so many times that you just began to believe them?  Maybe it’s a myth that was passed down from generation to generation that you first heart as a child.  On August 23, 2013 Dr. Oz will be talking about embarrassing myths that even he believed!  He will be talking about toenail fungus, sagging breasts and more.  Dr. Oz will also be inviting fitness guru extraordinaire Chris Powell on to the show to share his health and weight loss tips, including his custom 5 minute workout to help you get into shape fast!  Here are episode segments from the 8/23/2013 program.

Does Wearing A Bra Prevent Sagging Breasts?

Many people believe that wearing a bra helps to prevent sagging breasts..  Could it be the opposite is true?  Dr. Oz will be talking about a new research study that may seem to suggest that wearing a bra actually causes your breasts to sag more!  Dr. Oz will be talking about why bras may contribute to the progression of your bras sagging. (Hint…. It has to do with the ligaments that hold your breasts become weaker and looser when they are not supporting your breasts).

During the embarrassing myths segment Dr. Oz will also be talking about kegel exercises for men, toenail fungus.  When should you go see your doctor for a toenail infection and when should you treat it on your own?  Dr. Oz will be talking about when you should be concerned with your  toenail infection and see a physician and when it’s safe to treat on your own.Do Bras Prevent Sagging Breasts Or Cause Them & Toenail Infections

Can You Get Rid Of Warts Using Duct Tape?

You may have heard people say that you can get rid of warts using duct tape.  Is this a fact or is it just a myth.  Dr. Oz will be talking about this long standing belief and tell you if this is fact or fiction.  Other topics during the segment include :, “Is sex a good way to burn calories?” and whether it’s a good idea for men to practice kegel exercises.  If any of these topics interest you be sure to check out the entire segment!

Using Duct Tape To Get Rid Of Warts, Kegel Exercises For Men

Chris Powel Jump Start Meals, 5 Minute Workout, and 100 Calorie Snacks

The ever popular Chris Powell will be making another appearance on the August 23, 2013 Dr. Oz episode.  He will be sharing health and weight loss tips including his custom 5 minute workout to share with the audience and viewers at home.  If your a fan of Chris Powell and would like some quick and easy tips to lose weight be sure to check out this segment. If you find that you are too busy to find the time to exercise Chris Powell’s 5 minute workout may be for you!

Christ Powell 5 Minute Workout, 100 Calories Snacks and Jump Start Meals

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