Dr Oz, Epidural Steroid Injections Guidelines For Pinched Nerves, Back

Dr. Oz Talks About The Potential Risks Of Epidural Steroid Injections For Pinched Nerves & Bad Backs

The first half of today’s episode talks about pain management and inexpensive treatments for neck, shoulder, and joint pain.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about the potential dangers involved with getting steroid injections for back pain.  Do the benefits outweigh the risks and are their other options available that you should consider first? If the risks concern you be sure to check out the breakthrough ElectroAcupuncture treatment that has shown impressive results for neck, back, shoulder, and joint pain.

Epidural Steroid Injection Risks

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Dr. Oz talks about epidural steroid injection risks to consider before getting treatment.

People will go to nearly any length to find relief from chronic pain.  However, epidural steroid pain injections pose some risks that are disturbing to Dr. Oz   He said that epidural steroid shots are injected into the spine in a very vulnerable area.  Dr. Oz invited Elisabeth Leamy onto the show (an investigative reporter) to discuss the potential risks involved. Epidural steroid injections are used frequently by doctors because they think that this procedure is less invasive that surgery.  Elisabeth did some investigative research on epidural steroid shots for several weeks she said that regardless of if a doctor is doing a surgical procedure or injecting a steroid into your spine there are very real risks that we all should be aware of.

Risks Involved With Epidural Steroid Injections :

    • This procedure is not FDA approved
    • Risk of paralysis
    • Increased risk for death
    • Risk of stroke if the steroid isn’t injected correctly
    • Doctors don’t disclose all the risks involved to the patients unless they are asked about the dangers involved.
    • Depo-Medrol and Kenalog are frequently used for these injections even though they are not recommended for epidural use

Doctors are performing this risky procedure without proper training.  Many attend a weekend workshop to learn how to give these injections.

Are Epidural Steroid Injections An Effective Treatment For Pinched Nerves?

Dr. Oz spike with Dr. Janna Friedly about pinched nerves and if epidural steroid injections should be used for pinched nerves. Dr. Friedly said that these injections are very risky and do not provide long term benefits for most people.

Dr. Paul Lynch Believes Steroid Injections Are Worth The Risk For Some People

Dr. Paul Lynch believes that they are a safe and effective treatment for many people.  He has performed approximately 5,000 epidural steroid injections and for people with chronic back pain this treatment is a viable option.  He said the alternative is for peole to take powerful pain medications which cause 1 death in every 500 patients.  He feels that if an injection provides a patient several months of relief so they can have their life back it is worth all the risks involved.  He said during the time when the injection is taking away the pain the patient should be concentrating on losing weight and exercising the muscles that support the problem areas.Guidelines To Follow For Epidural Steroid Injections

    • Wait 6 weeks before deciding to get an injection.  Instead try alternative treatments (like physical therapy for instance)
    • Talk to your doctor about the diagnosis

If you decide to get an injection you should make sure the doctor performing the procedure is board certified to treat your particular area of pain.

What Does Dr. Oz Believe?

Dr. Oz thinks that epidural steroid injections can be an effective for people who suffer from back pain that also radiates down their legs.  However, the vast majority of people with back pain do not have this kind of pain.  He feels that people should do their research about all of the potential risks involved before deciding if it is right for you and if you are willing to accept the risks.

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