Dr Oz Eva Longoria Interview, Mexican Recipes & Health Tips

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Dr. Oz : Eva Longoria Candid Interview & Her Favorite (and Healthy) Mexican Recipes

Dr. Oz and Eva Longoria sad down for a candid interview to talk about Eva Longoria’s personal life as well as some health issues that Eva has dealt with in her life.  Eva Longoria has performed in many movies as well as starred in the hit television show, Desperate Housewives.  Eva will be talking with Dr. Oz about how she has overcome her health issues and now wants to help others to live a more healthy lifestyle.  She will also be talking about divorce and other struggles that she has went through in her life.  She will be talking about how her health started to fade as she went through the divorce as she struggled with depression and wasn’t eating right.  She says that you don’t have anything if you don’t have your health so one day she decided that it was time to turn the page and start a new life and the first transformation that she made was eating right and living right.

Eva Longoria’s Passion For Health

Eva Longoria is on a mission to not only continue living a healthy lifestyle but to help others to improve their health as well.  Eva will be sharing some of her favorite Mexican recipes that that are not only delicious, they are nutritious as well.  If you love Mexican food, Eva Longoria, and want to live a healthier lifestyle make sure that you tune in to the April 26, 2013 episode!

Dr. Oz Plays Matchmaker For Eva Longoria

It’s highly unlikely that Eva Longoria has any problems getting a date, but Dr. Oz still decided to spice up the show by playing matchmaker with two handsome and eligible bachelors.  Be sure to set your DVR’s and tune in to this sure to be “HOT” episode of Dr. OzAre you a fan of Dr. Oz but won’t be able to tune in to the April 26, 2013 episode? Consider Liking “Fans of Dr. Oz” on Facebook to view show recaps and summaries that are sent to your FB news feed for you to peruse at your own convenience. Never miss out on any of the life transforming health tips and information that Dr. Oz shares on the show!