Dr Oz, Expired Medications, Take Hormone Pills on Empty Stomach

Medication Myths Exposed on Dr. Oz – When To Take Your Pills and Expired Medications

dr oz, medication myths, expired prescriptions

Dr Oz Talks About Medication Myths

Dr Oz invited guest Staci Woodcock on to the show to expose medical myths that you may have believed as fact..  Some medical myths that you believed were true could actually be downright dangerous and even life threatening.  Also be sure to check out the prior segment from today’s show on Vitamin Injection Therapy and if it is a safe way to treat vitamin deficiencies.

Staci Woodcock who is a Walgreens Pharmacist says that one mistakes that she see’s frequently is people who don’t take their medications as prescribed.  Sometimes she says that people will abruptly stop taking a medication when they don’t like a side affect.  Another mistake people make is that they will take a higher dosage than what is recommended.  Mistakes like this can be dangerous.  She said that you should always talk to a medical professional before altering your dosage or before you stop taking a medication.  Simply stopping certain medications can be dangerous and should be done so under supervision from your doctor.

Do Expiration Dates Matter?

Yes, they most certainly do matter.  Dr. Oz polled the audience and only two thirds of the audience got this one correct.  Many expired medications lose their potency over time.  Other expired medications can even become toxic.  Staci Woodcock said that it’s never a good idea to take medications that are expired and it can even be dangerous!

Is Flushing Your Old Medications Down The Toiled The Best Way To Dispose of Expired Meds?

This is a myth.  Flushing old meds down the toilet can contaminate the water supply.  A better way to dispose of old meds is to remove the pills from their bottle and placing them in a container with a lid.  Then you should add something organic to the container like coffee grounds.  Mix the pills and the organic matter together.  You should also always remove the labels from your prescription bottles so your not giving away any personal info.

Should You Take Medications With Food?

This is a myth with certain medications and others it is not.  For example Vitamin D should be taken with food but other medications like hormones should be taken on an empty stomach.  Hormones aren’t absorbed well if there is food in your stomach.   So be sure to read the labels on each of your medication bottles carefully so you know when it is the proper time to take your meds.

Does It Matter Where You Fill Your Prescriptions?

Yes, it does.  Dr. Oz polled the audience and only half of the people that were polled answered correctly.  It matters because your Pharmacist has all of your medication history on file.  This helps them to make sure that any of your meds won’t be interacting with each other.  When you are using different pharmacies you could be getting different medications that shouldn’t be taken together.

If You Miss A Dose Should You Double Up On Your Next Dose?

No! Nearly all of the Dr. Oz’s viewers who answered this poll question got this correct.  Staci Woodcock said that when you double the dose your essentially doubling the effect.  She gave the example of blood pressure medications.  If you double up on blood pressure meds you could cause your blood pressure to go too low.  This can be dangerous.

Walgreens pill Reminder Cell App

To help remind yourself to never miss a dose of your medications, Walgreens has came out with an app that will remind you when it’s time to take your meds.  The app will not only remind you of when you should take your medications it will also remind you when it’s time to refill your medications.  Walgreens has also came out with a “Scan App” that allows you to request refills right from your cell phone or any mobile device.