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Dr Oz : Look 10 Years Younger With A Fake Facelift

Today, Dr Oz invited Dr. Leif Rogers (plastic surgeon) and Dr. Shirley Madhere on to the show to demonstrate how you can look 10 years younger without resorting to plastic surgery.  They said that plant derived Phytoceramides can make you look 10 years younger and is the non surgical way to Face a Facelift.

PhytoCeramides Can Repair Damaged Skin and Make You Look Younger

phytoceramides, dr oz, face facelift

Dr. Oz Look 10 Years Younger With Phytoceramides

The secret to faking a facelift may be found in Phytoceramides.  Dr. Oz asked the assisting physicians to explain what ceramides are.  Ceramides can be found in our skin naturally, but they decline as we get older.  This causes our skin to lose it’s elasticity and youthfulness.

Just recently a plant based version of Ceramides called Phytoceramides has been approved by the FDA.  Phytoceramides have the ability to put ceramides back into our skin (like they were when you were younger!)  Phytoceramides have the ability to  hydrate your skin from the inside out when taken in pill form.  It can restore the protective barrier in your skin so it will retain moisture which causes your skin to appear more plump and youthful.

Dr. Rogers said that Phytoceramides aren’t an overnight solution.  It will take about 4 weeks before you see results.  The phytoceramides have to penetrate your skin cells and build new collagen.   Dr. Oz chimed in and said that a 4 week wait is better than going under the knife at the plastic surgeon’s office.. Not to mention, much cheaper!  Also be sure to check out the prior segment on Dr. Oz when they talk about how Vitamin C topical serums reduce wrinkles and age spots even more when they are used in conjunction with phytoceramide supplements!

Cost and Dosage

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Madhere about the cost and dosage of Phytoceramides.  Dr. Madhere said 350 mg capsules, taken once per day.  Dr. Madhere said that you can buy phytoceramide supplements for only about 10 dollars per month.

Gluten Allergy Warning

Most people can use phytoceramides without any problem.  However, Dr. Rogers explained to Dr. Oz that people who are sensitive to gluten should use precaustion when using phytoceramides.  This is because they are usually made from wheat, rice, and sweet potatoes.  If you are gluten sensitive you should look for phytoceramide supplements that are derived from rice or sweet potatoes (but with no wheat!).

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