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Dr. Oz Discusses Face Mapping and What Your Nose Can Tell You About Your Health

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Your Nose Can Give You Signs About Your Health!

Today’s Dr. Oz show was about Face Mapping and what your face can tell you about your health.  They talk about potential health problems that an earlobe crease and fatty eyelids can mean about your health.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks with Lillian Pearl Bridges about Chinese Medicine and the practice of Face Mapping.  Lillian talked about how your nose can give you clues if your pregnant and even the health of your heart.  She also talks about clues that your cheeks can give you about your lung function.

Lillian Pearl Bridges explained to Dr. Oz that Face Reading is based on science with a combination of Western and Eastern practices. She said that examining your face can give you important clues about your health that can help you prevent life threatening diseases.   She said that face mapping can help us see the health of our internal organs and can be important tools to help prevent potential health problems that may be lying in your future.

What Your Nose Can Tell You About Your Health

Lillian Pearl Bridges told Dr. Oz that your nose can give you many clues about your health.  She said that if you can even tell if someone is pregnant by the gap underneath their nose.  She said that if you are pregnant your skin underneath your nose will be pinkish and may even have a small red spot.  Here are some other signs that your nose can tell you about your health.

Tip Of Your Nose and Heart Health

Lillian said that the tip of your nose can give you signs about the health of your heart.  She said that if it is just one color there isn’t anything to be concerned about.  She says that it can be concerning if the tip of your nose is discolored.  She said to look for a combination of colors and the tip of the nose may be a little puffy as well.Pregnancy Signs From Your NoseThe grooved area under your nose is representative to your reproductive organs in face mapping.  A good sign of fertility is when it is deep  and plump.  You could be having fertility problems if the groove is narrow and pale.  Dr. Oz asked two pregnant women to come to the stage and Lillian pointed out that a sign of pregnancy was the groove under the nose that gets pink and puffy.  She said that sometimes there is also a tiny red spot that appears.Cheeks and Lung HealthLillian explained to Dr. Oz that your cheeks can give you clues about your lung function.  When you are exhaling your cheeks should plump up if you are breathing deeply.  If you are having shallow and short breaths your cheeks may appear shrunken in.  This can give you a sign that you may possibly have problems with your lungs.


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