Dr Oz, Face Reading, Diagnose Health Problems & Disease in Advance

What Signs Does Your Face Tell You About Your Health?

Is it possible to diagnose oncoming disease or potential health problems by simply looking in the mirror?  On the Dr. Oz February 15 2015 show they will be talking about “Face Reading” and how you can look for clues in your face and even diagnose your health conditions before your doctor can!  This show has raised a buzz and created a lot of interest amongst those who are health conscious and vigilant about catching potential health issues at a stage to where they can be treated more easily.

The ability to “read your face” to diagnose potential health problems could potentially save people’s lives.  This will be one interesting episode that you won’t want to miss.. You will likely never look at yourself in the mirror in the same way.  Dr. Oz will be bringing on the experts who can tell you the clues that your face is telling you.

Update : The show has been aired and here are the segments that were featured about Face Mapping :
The Face Reading expert that Dr. Oz is bringing on to the show says that the clues in your face can tell you information about what is happening in your entire body..  Do you have liver problems? Kidney problems?  Maybe you do and not even realizing it.  What could dry skin, skin inflammation, or other facial symptoms you wouldn’t think much about be telling you about what is going on inside of your body?  Set your DVR’s because this episode (on February 15, 2013) is going to reveal many clues that everyone should know about.

How To Treat Your Pain Without Resorting to Pain Meds

Pain medication is widely used all across the country.  People need relief from their pain, but is it often being over prescribed when their are other alternative options that will do the trick?  Dr. Oz will be talking about ways that you can ease your pain that don’t require any medication at all.  Not only can you take away the pain without meds, his solutions are free!Will you not be able to tune in to the 2-15-2013 show?  Consider Liking “Fans of Dr. Oz” on Facebook to view show recaps and a summary of what you missed from each daily episode.