Dr Oz Fake Olive Oil Scam, Refrigerator Test, Tips To Avoid Fraud

65% Of Olive Oil Is Fake! Purity Test To See If Your Olive Oil Is Real

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Take The Olive Oil Purity Test To Make Sure It Isn’t Fake!

Today Dr. Oz was talking about grocery store scams that may shock you!  During the first segment on the show he talked about Fish Fraud and what you can do to limit the chances of you being victim while shopping in the seafood section.  He also talks about the Baking Soda Lemon Juice Test to make sure the 100% lemon juice you are buying is indeed 100% and not watered down. During this segment on the show Dr. Oz talks about one of the biggest supermarket scams that most people don’t know about!  Dr. Oz frequently talks about extra virgin olive oil and the benefits of this healthy fat.

Dr. Oz invited Dan Flyn (U.S. Davis Olive Center) on to the show to talk about extra virgin olive oil.  This type of oil is the healthiest form of olive oil because it is made from crushed olives using no heat or chemicals.  He talked about a study that has been done that has shown that 65% of  name brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil didn’t did not meet the required standards of what they say on the label.  He said that in some cases ingredients were added to look like extra virgin olive oil or it’s not even olive oil at all!  Dr. Oz was visually upset when Shaun Kennedy talked about this scam that is running rampant under the radar all over the country.Why Do Companies Use Fake Olive Oil?Money, money, money.  Dan Flynn explained to Dr. Oz that making fake olive oil is more lucrative than selling cocaine!  This scam also carries a far less severe penalty from someone who sells fake olive oil.  The true victims are you and me, the consumer who is purchasing a fake product that we think is healthy for us and our families!!  Shaun Flynn said that one thing you can do is to look at the harvest date rather than the expiration date.  You should look for an extra virgin olive oil that has been harvested within the past 15 months.Tips On How To Avoid Fake Olive Oil In SupermarketsDan Flynn shared these tips with Dr. Oz on how to avoid this scam :

  • Only buy an oil that comes in a dark green bottle
  • Keep stored in a cool dark place and away from heat and light
  • Check the harvest date on the bottle.  Find one that was harvested within 15 months.
  • Look for a quality seal (examp

Dr Oz: Avoid Fake Olive Oil

Dan Flynn offered a few tips to help you avoid getting fake extra virgin olive oil at the grocery store.

  • Purchase in a dark glass bottle
  • Keep away from light and heat
  • Look for the harvest date on the bottle and purchase within 15 months of that date
  • Look for a quality seal, like one from the California Olive Oil Council
  • Check site of production because olive oil is often packed in one country, but produced in another.

Dr Oz: Olive Oil Refrigerator Test

Dr. Oz shared his personal test to see if your extra virgin olive oil is authentic. He says it works for his family and experts agree it is a good method. Place your bottle of extra virgin olive oil in the fridge. If it solidifies, or freezes, you have a pure ingredient. If it stays in a liquid state there is a good chance you do not have real extra virgin olive oil.

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