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Dr. Oz November 11 “Fat Melting” Episode : How To Boost Fat Burning Hormones With Food + Supplements That Work

Here we are in 2015 and are still looking for the “Magical” cure to melt away the excess fat that has been sticking around for far too long.  Well, Dr. Oz doesn’t have any “magic” tricks but he does have scientifically backed tips and methods to melt away your fat.  Does it literally melt away like a stick of butter in a frying pan? Well, not in the same sense but there are tricks away to make you wonder if the fat is indeed melting away!  If you are tired of trying diet after diet in a tedious attempt to lose weight, be sure to tune in to the November 11 episode.  Just be ready to pull out all of those clothes that have been collecting dust in the back of your closet because you will soon be wearing those jeans that have been untouched for far too long.

Update : The show has been aired and here are the episode segments that were featured :

The Science Behind Weight Loss

Dr. Oz doesn’t have any “tricks” up his sleeve on his upcoming episode.  He is going to educate viewers on different body types and what methods work the best to melt your fat the quickest and for long term.  Yo-yo dieting doesn’t work (and isn’t good for you) and you may be about ready to just give up.  Dr. Oz will be demonstrating why fat doesn’t just “go away” as easily for some as it does for others.  Dr. Oz will be educating the viewers to the biology behind weight loss in terms that we all can understand.  Once you know what you may have been doing wrong, you can implement quick and easy changes to help you finally burn that fat away once and for all.

Foods To Boost Your Fat Burning Hormones

The foods that you are eating may be inhibiting your weight loss efforts.  Some foods may be considered healthy, but are they the best choices for your body type?  There are certain foods that will boost your fat burning hormones to help you lose weight in a natural and healthy way.  Dr. Oz will be revealing the “hot hormone” foods and fat dissolving supplements that will help you melt away your fat.

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