Dr Oz, FBCx Fat Burner Supplement, Emu Oil Muscle Strain Remedy

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Dr Oz FBCx Supplement To Help You Lose Weight, Pain Remedies, and Healthy Fat Foods

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could to get your fat to eat itself?  Well, it turns out that in a way you can.  Today (May 23, 2014) Dr. Oz talks about how FBCx fiber supplement can help your fat eat to eat itself and eliminate 9 times it’s amount in weight.  Other topics include pain remedies, non dairy calcium rich food sources, and how to cut your cancer risk in half.

FBCx Supplement To Get Your Fat To Eat Itself

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Dr Oz shares tips on how to eat fat to lose fat and how FBCx can help.

Dr Oz talks about FBCx Supplements and how you can get your fat to eat itself.  FBCx is a fiber supplement that can eliminate 9 times it’s amount in weight and can eliminate 500 calories all day.  Dr. Oz talks about if you are going to stray from your diet you should take FBCx before the meal.  Also during the segment Dr. Oz talks about which PUFA’s (poly unsaturated fatty acids) and which Mufa’s (mono unsaturated fatty acids) you should be eating to help you lose weight.

FBCx Supplements and Healthy Fat Foods

Muscle Strain and Back Pain Remedy, Emu Oil, White Willow Bark – Dr. Oz invited Peggy Brill (back therapist) on to the show to talk about natural remedies for back pain and muscle strains.  During this segment Peggy and Dr. Oz talks about how yellow mustard can ease back pain.  Yes, the yellow mustard in your fridge!  They also talk about how White Willow Bark supplements can help those who have suffered a slipped disc.  They also talk about how Emu Oil is a wonderful remedy for those who are suffering from a muscle strain.  Read the full article – Yellow Mustard, Emu Oil, White Willow Bark Pain Remedies.

Best Non Dairy Calcium Rich Foods

Many people are lactose intolerant or have milk sensitivities.  Others just choose to not consume dairy.  However, you still need calcium in your diet.  Dr. Oz talks about Dr. Oz’s favorite non dairy foods that are rich in calcium that you should be adding to your shopping cart. Read the full article – Non Dairy Calcium Rich Food Sources.

Foods To Cut Stomach and Ovarian Cancers

Dr. Oz talks about foods that you can eat that will cut your risk for stomach cancer by 50 percent and ovarian cancer by 60%.  Be sure to add these foods to your grocery cart to minimize your risks of the “Big C” that affects so many.

Foods To Reduce Risk of Stomach and Ovarian Cancer

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