Dr Oz, Female Energy Drinks, Caffeine + Stimulant Limits Per Day

Dr. Oz and Kristin Kirkpatrick Talk About Energy Drinks For Females & Stimulant Limits You Shouldn’t Pass Per Day

Energy drinks have been trending for the past several years.  Originally the energy drinks were targeted towards men, but recently a whole demographic has been the latest craze….. Female energy drinks targeted at working moms.  Dr. Oz and Kristin Kirkpatrick talk about the effectiveness and safety of these energy drinks.  Dr. Oz also talks about the caffeine and stimulant limits you shouldn’t exceed in any given day.

Caffeine Limit Recommendations

Dr. Oz and Kristin Kirkpatrick spoke about the caffeine comparisons so you will get a better idea of how much stimulants are in female energy drinks.

  • A cup of tea contains 70 mg of caffein
  • Female energy drink contains 100 mg
  • A traditional cup of coffee contains 150 mg

A standard energy drink contains 180 mg

Dr. Oz said that you shouldn’t drink more than 400 mg of caffeine during the course of a day

“Buzz Words” Associated With Energy Drinks

Kristin Kirkpatrick (Dietitian) said that before “female energy drinks” hit the market, companies were targeting college students and athletes. Now, they have began targeting another huge market……moms!  Here are some of the buzz words that are associated with these drinks to draw you in :

  • Vitality
  • Energize
  • Revitalize

Kristin Kirkpatrick explained to Dr. Oz, the audience, and viewers at home that regardless of what “buzz words” an energy drink says it all comes down to how much stimulants are in the drink that really matters.

Artificial Sweeteners in Female Energy Drinks

If you see the buzz words : “Zero Sugar”, “Zero Carbs”, or “Zero Calorie” it is an indicator that the energy drinks are using an artificial sweetener called “Sucralose”.  Kristin said that one of the main concerns about energy drink companies using artificial sweeteners are that they won’t disclose on the cans how much artificial sweeteners that they are using!  Kristin said that companies use approximately 7 artificial sweetener packets in a diet soda so there is probably at least this amount used in energy drinks.  Dr. Oz recommends to not consume more than 2 packets of artificial sweeteners per day so simply drinking 1 energy drink is likely to contain much more artificial sweeteners than what is recommended.
Do Female Energy Drinks Burn Calories and Enhance Weight Loss?

You will also find the buzzword “Calorie Burning” on many types of energy drinks that are targeted towards women.  Do these “calorie burning” drinks really help you to lose weight?  Kristin Kirkpatrick said that any drink that contains caffeine does have some metabolism boosting value but is hesitant to say it can help you to lose weight.  She said that there are also ingredients in these drinks such as “hoodia extract and garcinia cambogia extract” that are being advertised as weight loss enhancers.  Kristin said that these ingredients aren’t regulated by the FDA (Federal drug Administration) so you can’t be certain about how these ingredients are interacting with your body.
Kirstin Kirkpatricks Recommendation :Kristin said that if a woman needs a little extra energy to get her throughout the day she would recommend drinking drinking a cup of coffee instead of opting for an energy drink.

Dr. Oz’s Recommendation :Dr. Oz would rather you get your energy through a healthy diet.  He is also not “anti-coffee” because coffee has health benefits to offer.  He does realize that many women are going to drink energy drinks anyway.. If you are going to drink energy drinks you should :

  • Only have 1 energy drink per day
  • Consume before noon
  • Read the ingredients on the label

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