Dr Oz, Feng Shui For Sleep, Healthy Chip Maker, Joan Rivers Interview

Dr. Oz August 2, 2013 Topics : Feng Shui Improves Sleep, Kitchen Gadgets, Joan Rivers Interview

Will you not be able to tune in to the August 2, 2013 Dr. Oz episode?  This highly informative episode is a rerun from earlier in the season but is packed full of interesting and informative information pertaining to your mental and physical health.  Here are segment summaries of what was featured on the 8/02/2013 show :

Feng Shui Can Help You Sleep At Night and Reduce Stress

Dr. Oz invited Ariel Joseph Towne on to the program to talk about the ancient practice called “Feng Shui”.  Feng Shui originated in China and consists of balancing energies of any given space.  Feng Shui can help you to clean out your “inner house” promoting a feeling of peace and provide a conducive environment to sleep better at night.  Dr. Oz and Dr. Towne talk about how you can improve your sleep using Feng Shui to improve your sleep at night without having to resort to prescription medications.

Also during this segment from the August 2, 2013 episode Dr. Oz and Dr. Towne talk about using meditation to help you sleep at night.  They teach the audience and viewers at home of how to use the “Let Go” meditation technique.  They also talk about how Himalayan rock salt lamps and beeswax candles can help you achieve inner peace and to promote restful sleep.  Read the entire episode summary :
Feng Shui Helps To Improve Your Sleep

Dr Oz, Prevent Heart Attacks With Vitamin D & Healthy Chip Maker

During this portion of the show Dr. Oz talks about tips to prevent a heart attack (such as Vitamin D).  He also talks about healthy kitchen gadgets such as the “Healthy Vegetable Chip Maker”.  Potato chips are not only fattening and addicting, but they can also clog your arteries leaving you at an increased risk for a heart attack.  Dr. Oz and Danny Seo talk about the “healthy chip maker” that allows you to create homemade chips out of all kinds of vegetables like potatoes and even beets!

Vitamin D For Heart Attack Prevention & Healthy Chip

Joan Rivers Interview on Dr. Oz

The legendary actress / entertainer / comedian Joan Rivers made an appearance on Dr. Oz for a candid sit down interview to talk about the cosmetic procedures that she has had done in her life and what she thinks about plastic surgery.  Joan Rivers also talks about her battles with Bulimia as well as her husbands suicide.

Joan Rivers Interview On Plastic Surgery, Bulimia, and Her Husbands Death

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Guests featured on the Dr. Oz August 2, 2013 Episode : Dr. Ariel Joseph Towne, Danny Seo, and Joan Rivers