Dr Oz, Fennel Tea Benefits – Lowers Cholesterol, Constipation Remedy

Dr. Oz Talks About The Benefits Of Fennel Tea

Dr. Oz frequently talks about the benefits that herbal spices has to offer us all.  During a segment of today’s show Dr. Oz spoke about the benefits of Fennel.  This tasty herb that is often used in cooking recipes can help to lower your cholesterol and ease constipation.  Dr. Oz said that every time that you visit the grocery store you may be passing up a versatile herb that can provide many healing benefits for your body.

Fennel Is Good For Your Heart

Many people may not associate herbs as being beneficial to your heart.  Dr. Oz said that there are many aspects about Fennel that make it “heart healthy”.  Fennel is rich in fiber which helps to keep your arteries clean and healthy while giving the added benefit of lowering your cholesterol.

Fennel Improves Your Digestion and Is A Remedy For Constipation

Here are some tips to increase your consumption of fennel during the course of a day :

  • Mix in some fennel to olive oil and add to soup recipes.  It has a delicious flavor with the added benefit of improving your cholesterol numbers.
  • Add some fennel to your salad for added flavor and health benefits
  • Dr. Oz said to eat about 1/2 cup of fennel bulb during the course of each day

Ease Your Constipation :

Fennel works to keep your intestinal tract healthy.  It regulates your digestion and eases constipation.

Make yourself some Fennel Tea

Heat up some water and add to a coffee mug.  Crush up some fennel seeds and add them to the water.  Allow to steep for five to ten minutes and drink all of the tea.  Dr. Oz said to even drink down the seeds that have settled in the bottom of your cup.

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