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Dr Oz – Can Ibuprofen & Acetaminophen Be Dangerous? Feverfew Supplement Alternative

Aspirin, Hearing Damage, Dr Oz

Can Aspirin Cause Hearing Damage on Dr. Oz

Today’s Dr. Oz show was quite interesting to me because just about everybody seems to take Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen..  Can aspirin cause hearing damage?  Well, according to a 14 year study it seems to indicate that they can.  Dr. Oz also talked about a headache alternative supplement called Feverfew that you can take to help alleviate headaches.

Dr. Oz talked about the labeling that are on Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen bottles that tell you not to exceed 10 pills per day.  However, this recommendation isn’t focused on your hearing.  Dr. Oz invited several experts in this field to help him discuss this segment.  Dr. Sharon Curhan said that you should only take pain relievers when you really need them and to limit their use as much as you can.  If you rely on OTC pain meds it might be a good idea to raise this issue with your doctor.

Recommended Acetaminophen Doses

So how much Acetaminophen is too much?  Dr. Oz said that you should take Acetaminophen :

  • Once a week is probably safe according to the 14 year study that they mentioned on today’s show.
  • No more than three times in a week

Instead of OTC pain relievers, Dr. Oz suggested taking natural alternatives like Feverfew or Tart Cherry juice.

Does Aspirin Cause Hearing Damage?

According to the 14 year study Aspirin does not cause hearing damage..  If you currently take Acetaminophen you might want to consider switching to aspirin as a safer alternative.

Dr. Craig Kasper said that he hasn’t seen at glaring evidence that supplements can help to improve your hearing however you can improve your diet to protect your hearing from damage.  Eating a diet rich in antioxidants helps to protect your body in all sorts of ways, and that includes your hearing!

Feverfew Natural Alternative Headache Remedy

Dr. Oz said that there is a supplement called “Feverfew” that can help to prevent blood vessel spasms that can bring a headache on.

Tart Cherry Juice For Joint and Muscle Pain

Tart Cherry juice has anti-inflammatory properties and is an antioxidant as well.  Drinking this juice can help with joint and muscle pain (plus it’s just good for you!).  It also contains melatonin which can help you fall asleep at night.

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Have you been over to the new Dr. Oz Fan Forums?  Discuss today’s topics from the show.. Do you suffer from headaches? What do you take when a headache comes on.  Have any natural headache remedies that you would like to share?