Dr Oz, Feverfew Migraine Supplement, Joan Rivers Staying Young Tips

Joan and Melissa Rivers Share “Staying Young” Tips – and Remedies For Pain and Migraines

Melissa and Joan Rivers appeared on the Dr. Oz April 18, 2014 episode to share their secret tips on staying young.  Joan Rivers will be turning 80 and is vibrant and energetic as ever.  Find out Joan’s secrets so you too can age gracefully and feel younger despite your age on the calendar.

Dr. Oz Asked Joan Rivers About All Of Her Cosmetic Surgeries

Does Joan regret having so many plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures performed on her?  Joan said that she doesn’t regret having treatments because she feels that if you do something that makes you feel younger you shouldn’t be ashamed.  In fact, she said that she only regrets not having more cosmetic surgeries performed.

Feverfew Is An All Natural Remedy For Migraines

Migraine headaches affect many people and the pain can be debilitating and extreme.  Melissa told Dr. Oz that she has suffered from migraines for most of her life.  She has tried conventional medications and some of them do work.  However, she has wanted to try a more natural homeopathic therapy in hopes that she can remedy to prevent her painful migraines.

Dr. Oz said that the herb, Feverfew is a supplement that can give you relive from migraines.  The only side effect that it has is a good one!  Feverfew can also help to ease discomfort from menstrual issues.

Dosage : Take 1-2 Feverfew capsules each day.

Gin Soaked Raisins For Pain

Joan Rivers told Dr. oz that she suffers knee pain when she walks.  Dr. Oz examined Joan and noticed that she had swelling underneath her kneecap.  Dr. Oz said that Joan likely sufferes from arthritis.  When you get arthritis in the knee it is caused from the natural cushion underneath the knee wears away over time.  Dr. Oz said that a natural remedy that she can try (as an alternative to knee surgery) would be to eat Gin Soaked Raisins!  Here is what you do :

  • Fill up a bowl with raisins and pour gin in the bowl.
  • Let the raisins soak up the Gin for two days.  The Gins Soaked Raisins work because there are natural pain relievers in raisins.  Gin is also a powerful anti-inflammatory because of the Juniper Berries that it contains.
  • Dr. Oz recommended eating about 9 gin soaked raisins each day.

Joan Rivers Tips On How To Stay Young

Despite being 80 years old, Joan Rivers is still sharp and energetic.  Here are Joans tips on how to stay young :

  • Stay busy all the time to keep your mind active
  • Joan does a crossword puzzle every night
  • Joan thinks up at least one new joke every single day

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