Dr Oz, Fingernail Signs For Thyroid, Liver, Diabetes – Yellow Nails, Peeling

Dr. Oz Talks About Signs Your Fingernails Can Tell You About Possible Diabetes, Thyroid, and Liver Disease

Did you know that the color, shape, and texture of your fingernails can reveal a lot of very important things that may be going on in side your body?  To help him with this segment on today’s show Dr. Oz brought down an audience member to help demonstrate why the color and appearance of your nails can tell give you clues about potential health issues like diabetes, thyroid, and liver disease.

What Does A Healthy Finger Nail Look Like?

A “Normal” nail has a white crescent base, a rectangular shop and the coloring will have a pale skin color tone.

Flaking and Peeling Nails

Flaking and peeling of your fingernails could be a sign that you have thyroid disease.  If you notice that you fingernails are peeling or flaking you should make an appointment to see your physician.

Fingernail Signs For Liver Disease

Dr. Oz said that if your nails have a white coloring throughout (especially at the base) you should let your doctor know because it could be a sign of liver disease.

Yellow Fingernails and Diabetes

Dr. Oz said that if you have yellow colored fingernails it is because sugar is adhering to your body tissue.  This can be a a physical symptom to look for that could mean that you are diabetic.

Dr. Oz suggested that people spend some time every two weeks to closely examine your nails to check for anything that looks outside of the ordinary.  Are they discolored?  Are there any texture changes?  Our bodies on the outside often give us signs about what is happening on the inside.  Take special care to look for the clues that your body may be trying to tell you.

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