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Do Omega 3 Pills Work?  What Are The Best Omega 3 Fish Oil Alternatives

Do Omega 3 pills actually work?  Today (December 28, 2012) Dr. Oz talked about a Greek study that questioned the effectiveness of taking Omega 3 supplements.  He invited on Dr. Tanya Edwards talk about this study, Omega 3 fish oil alternatives (such as algae oil), and what you should be looking for when you buy Omega 3’s.

Dr. Tanya Edwards and Dr. Oz discussed the Greek study that seem to imply that Omega 3’s don’t work.  Dr. Edwards suggested that the tests could be flawed and even with this questionable study the results still shown a 9% reduction in heart attack risk when taking Omega 3’s.  They also talk about Fish Oil Health Benefits and Risks that you should be aware of.

What Dosage of Omega 3’s Should You Look For?

Fish oil supplements vary greatly in the amount Omega 3’s that they contain.  Some contain only trace amounts while others have 1000 mg in each gel capsule.  Dr. Tanya Edwards recommended looking for supplements that contain the highest amounts of Omega 3’s. She also suggests going to consumerlab.com to get consumer information about Omega 3’s as well as other supplements online.  It is a valuable resource that we should use as educated consumers.

What Are The Best Omega 3 Fish Oils To Buy?

Dr. Oz said that you should be checking the labels when you buy Omega 3’s.  Dr. Oz recommends looking for “600 mg DHA” on the label.  He also said that DHA should be visually be seen on front of the label.  Dr. Edwards said that DHA supplements that contain 600 mg will give your your body a wide assortment of health benefits.

Dr. Oz said that FDA (Federal Drug Administration) doesn’t have a recommended daily value for Omega 3’s so if you come across a supplement that advertises as such, it is a gimmick.  The FDA doesn’t have a recommended daily value for Omega 3’s EPA or DHA.

Fish Oil Alternatives?

Are there any other alternative supplements that you can take instead of fish oil capsules?  Dr. Oz said that another option to consider is choosing algae oil capsules instead.  They are high in Omega 3’s and are readily found in grocery and health food stores. If you choose a fish oil alternative you should make sure that they come in a dark colored bottle.  This helps to keep the oils from being oxidized over time.  Dr. Edwards also made the recommendation of storing extra bottles in the fridge if you buy your supplements in bulk.