Dr Oz, Fix Flat Butt & Hair, Padded Underwear, Layers & Volumizing Spray

 Dr. Oz July 5 2013 Topics : How To Fix Your Flat Butt (Padded Underwear) & Flat Hair With Layers

A common vanity complaint that people have is that they don’t like their flat butt..  Despite the amount of exercise or the clothes that you wear you still can’t do anything to help “plump up your rump”.  On July 4, 2013 Dr. Oz talks with Jacqueliine-Au on to the show to share some tips on how you can fix your flat butt.  She talks about how big pockets can help to give the illusion of a fuller butt.. You can also wear padded underwear as well.  Dr. Oz will also  be talking to Sally Hershberger (celebrity hairstylist) about how you can easily fix flat hair. Listed below are summaries of the episode segments that were featured on the 07/04/2013 show :

Wearing Big Pockets Fix A Flat Butt

Mina Jacqueline-Au explained to Dr. Oz that there is a very simple technique that women can utilize to help give the appearance of a fuller butt.  She said that one of the best things that you can do for a fuller butt is to wear jeans with big pockets.  Mina also suggested to wear pockets that have colored stitching.  This will also give the illusion of a fuller butt as well!

Fix A Flat Butt With Padded Underwear

Everyone has heard of padded bras, but what about padded underwear?  Mina Au explained to Dr. Oz that you can buy padded underwear that its undetectable and are seamless so nobody will even realize that fuller butt is aided by the help of padded underwear!

No Water Volumizing Spray Fixes Flat Hair

Dr. Oz spoke with celebrity stylist, Sally Hershberger to talk about flat hair and what women can do for a fuller look with more body.  Sally suggests that women should choose a no water volumizing spray for a fuller look.  She said that you should also flip your hair upside down when applying the No Water Volumizing Spray.  She said that you can find No Water Volumizers for approximate 12 dollars in your local drugstore.

Use A Teasing Brush To Fix Your Flat Hair

Sally told Dr. Oz that teasing brushes are easy to use and will give your hair a fuller look with more body.  She said that you should purchase a teasing brush with boar bristles because this kind of teasing brush won’t damage your hair like other teasing brushes can.  They can be purchased at beauty shops or online for approximately fifteen dollars.

Get A Layered Haircut For More Body

If flat hair has always plagued you, maybe it’s the kind of haircut that you are getting.  Sally Hershberger said that you should ask your hair stylist to add layers around your face.

Other segments features on the Dr. Oz June 5, 2013 episode :