Dr Oz, Flat Belly 5 Minute Workout, Jaime Brenkus Ab Exercises

Jaime Brenkus 5 Minute Abs Workout With No Situps Required on Dr. Oz

Today Dr. Oz talks about his plan to flatten your belly and what you can do to lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone).  During this segment on the show Dr. Oz invited the creator of the 8 Minute Abs on to the show to share his 5 minute Abs workout that you can do while you are standing up.  That means no stomach crunches or sit ups are required!  Jamie said that this routine differs from his 8 minute Abs workout DVD because you can do all the exercises while standing up!

Jaime Brenkus Workout Exercises For Hard Abs and a Flat Belly

jaime brenkus, dr oz, standing ab exercises

Jaime Brenkus Standing Ab Exercise on Dr Oz

Jaime  told Dr. Oz that his 8 Minute Ab workout focused mainly on stomach crunches but we have learned that you need to do more than just target your abs.  You need to also target your other core muscles.  This is the workout that Jaime Brenkus and Dr. Oz did on the show (along with the help of several women out of the audience).  You can do these exercises while watching tv or even at your work station of the job permits you to get up and move freely for a few minutes.

The Standing Sit Up – With your hands behind your head raise your knee up to the side of your body.  Try to touch your knee to your elbow as you bend down towards your side.  This works your side oblique muscles.

Belly Twist – This exercise helps to tone your muscles.  What you need to do is bend at the knees and then twist your torso to the side into a squatting position.  This will work several of your core muscles at the same time.

Core Kicker – Place your hands out in front of your body. Swing one leg up while bringing your arms down to your side in the shape of a V.  Switch back and forth alternating between legs.  This helps to exercise the lower abs, shoulders, and triceps.

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