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Fix Your Flat Butt With Padded Underwear on Dr Oz

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Dr Oz segment on How to Fix Your Flat Butt, Feet, and/or Hair!

Perhaps you aren’t one of those people who want to lose their booty!  For those of you who would like to add some shape and fullness to your rear end Barbie Butt padded underwear may be exactly what you are looking for!  Today Dr. Oz talked about effective ways to fix a flat butt, flat feet, and flat hair.  Dr. Oz invited fashion expert Mino Jacqueline-Au on to the show to talk about products to fix problem areas that are common to many people.

Padded underwear will fix your flat butt!

If you are wanting to plump up your rump you don’t want to start eating twinkies..  If you have a flat butt, all that will likely do is fatten up the areas of your body that you don’t want to get bigger!  Mina Au told Dr. Oz that you can buy padded underwear just like you can buy padded bras!  She says that they are made so well that you can’t even tell that you are wearing padded underwear.

More Tips For a Fuller and Firmer Butt

Exercise – This is a tip that seems obvious but you should be also be making sure that you are doing the right exercises that will tone and firm your butt.  You won’t see results overnight so make sure that you are consistent.  Personal trainer Lacey Stone was a guest on Dr. Oz and she suggests doing butt exercises 2 to 3 times per week.

Flat Feet Test

Do you have flat feet?  Maybe you don and not even realize it.  Dr. Oz said that flat feet can cause problems in various areas of your body that can result in pain.  Take the “Flat Feet Water Test” to find out if you have flat feet yourself!  To do this test all you need is come water and a piece of paper.  Here is what you do :

  • Dip your bare foot in a tub of water and then step on to the piece of paper.  If you can see the arch of your foot then you don’t have flat feet.. However, if you don’t see the inline curve where your arch is supposed to be then you do have flat feet.

Flat feet can cause calf, knee, hip, back, arch, or ankle pain.  Dr. Taryn Rose was a guest on today’s show and she said that people with flat feet walk differently and this is what can cause pain in many places on the body.
Dr. Taryn Rose said that when we walk on hard surfaces or wear stiff soled shoes our feet muscles aren’t getting the exercise that they are designed to get.  This can cause muscles in our feet to weaken and cause strain on our joints and ligaments.

Orthotics Can Help To Fix Your Flat Feet Problem

Dr. Taryn Rose explained to Dr. Oz that there are some things that people can do if they have flat feet.  She recommended using Orthotics as the best way to correct flat feet.  This is what you should look for :

  • Orthotic Inserts
  • Choose the Gel or cushion inserts.  Hard plastic inserts don’t allow your feet to get the exercise that they need
  • Price range – 30 dollars in most drugstores.