Dr Oz, Flat Feet Water Test, Flip Flops & High Heels Worsen Flat Feet

Dr. Oz Talks About Flat Feet & The Test You Can Take At Home – Orthopedics Help Alleviate Flat Feet Pain

People who suffer from flat feet can experience a great deal of pain.  Not only in your feet, but also in your knees!  Dr. Oz talks about a flat feet test that you can take at home, solutions to alleviate pain, and why flip flops and high heels can make flat feet pain worse.

Water Water Test You Can Take From Home

Many people have flat feet without even realizing it.  To perform the test all you need is a piece of paper and water.  All you have to do is place one of your feet into bare water and then step on to the paper.  If you can can see the curve in your foot (your arch) then you have normal feet.  However, if you don’t see your arch then you do have flat feet.Pain Caused By Flat FeetDr. Oz spoke with Dr. Taryn Rose about the pain that is caused by flat feet..  Flat feet can cause pain in areas other than just your feet.  Flat feet can cause pain such as :

  • Calf pain
  • Pain on the insides of your ankles
  • Knee pain
  • Back pain
  • Hip pain
  • Pain on the outside of your feet

What Causes Flat Feet Pain?

When you walk on flat surfaces all of your feet isn’t getting the exercise that they should.  This can cause certain ligaments in your feet to weaken.

Orthotic Inserts Alleviate Flat Feet Pain

If you have flat feet, Dr. Taryn Rose suggested that you purchase some Orthotic inserts.  She said that you should look for gel or cushion orthotic inserts to help correct flat feet.  She said that the hard plastic orthotics don’t allow your muscles to exercise when you walk the way that they should.  Orthotics cost approximately 30 dollars to buy.

Flip Flops & High Heels Makes Pain Caused By Flat Feet Worse

Dr. Taryn Rose explained to Dr. Oz that when you wear high heels it puts extra pressure on your feet.  In fact, she said that high heels cause 7 times the pressure on your feet!  Flip flops can also worsen the condition as well.

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