Dr Oz Flu Shot Effectiveness, Risks, Recommendation For Young, Elderly

Dr Oz Talks About The Effectiveness Of The Flu Shot and His Recommendations For The Young and Elderly

Dr. Oz began the show by saying that we are suffering through the largest flu outbreak in a decade and emergency rooms are filled with people searching for help.  Dr. Oz decided to devote half of his show today talking about the flu outbreak and the effectiveness of the flu vaccine.  In case you missed today’s episode the show recaps are listed below along with his recommendations for the young and elderly who are considering getting vaccinated.

Is The Flu Vaccine Effective?

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Dr Oz Talks About Flu Vaccinations

To answer this question Dr. Oz made a trip to the emergency room of the hospital where continues to practice as a heart surgeon.  He said that the emergency room was shocking and packed with sick patients.  Why are the emergency rooms packed with sick patients with so many people being vaccinated these days?  Dr. Oz assembled a panel of experts do investigate the flu outbreak and to decide if the flu vaccine is effective.

One of the experts that Dr. Oz had on the show, Dr. Dan Jernigan said that the flu shots that are developed each season are made to attack specific strains of the virus.  Every year they need to try and target the new strain that will be out.  This isn’t a foolproof process.  Dr. Jernigan said that the flu vaccine is 62 percent effective so nobody is guaranteed to be protected from the flu if they do decide to get vaccinated.  He then went on to say that the flu shot is the best defense that we have against the virus so even though it isn’t foolproof it is still the best method to protect yourself from getting sick.

No Evidence That The Elderly Has Lower Risk Of Catching The Flu If They Are Vaccinated

Dr. Peter Doshi, from Joh Hopkins University, said that the benefits of the flu vaccine for the elderly isn’t nearly as beneficial as what the American public has been led to believe.  He said that there is no evidence that the elderly is at lower risk for catching the flu or pneumonia by getting the flu vaccine.

Dr. Neal Flomenbaum said that many people make the mistake of thinking that if they get the flu shot they will be full protected.    He said that you need to more than just get vaccinated.  You also have to take preventive measures to lower your risk measurably.

Dr Oz Recommendation About The Flu Shot

The panel of experts that was on the Dr. Oz show was equally divided on whether people should get the flu vaccine at all.  After the panel of experts shared all of their opinions Dr. Oz shared his opinion that you should get the flu shot.  He said that in case of a huge outbreak (like we have occurring now) it is the best prevention that we have.  He also said that we all should be doing a combination of preventive measures to lower our risk of getting sick and lessen the severity of the flu if you do get it.