Dr Oz, Flu Shots and Spray Vaccinations, Prevention Tips

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Dr. Oz October 9, 2013 Show Topics : Flu Shots & Sprays Advice, Inexpensive Versus Expensive Beauty Products

Where did the summer go?  The fall season has came out of nowhere and soon the “Flu Season” will be rearing it’s ugly head.  Are you prepared for the colds, sniffles, and flu’s that will make their way into households all across the country?  Will you be getting a flu shot for yourself?  What about the flu spray?  Are there better ways to protect yourself?  On October 9, 2013 Dr. Oz will be sharing his opinions on flu shots and sprays.  He also will be talking about 4 flu fighters that can stop flu’s and viruses in their tracks before you become ill and down for the count.

Flu Prevention Tips

Did you know that 60 million people in this country will fall ill this winter?  Will you or your family be one of those 60 million who will become sick this year?  While you can’t protect yourself with 100 percent certainty, you can at least be pro active to raise your defenses to give your family the best chance of enjoying a happy and HEALTHY winter and Holiday season.

Do you know the difference between a flu shot or flu spray?  Dr. Oz will be explaining the difference so you can make the choice that is best for you and your family.  With the flu season quickly approaching, the October 8, 2013 episode is one that you will not want to miss.

Inexpensive Versus Expensive Beauty Products

Have you ever felt overwhelmed while browsing through the beauty and cosmetic aisle?  The prices of beauty products that promise the same thing can sometimes be quite drastic.  Are expensive beauty products really that much better than cheaper alternatives?  Dr. Oz will be talking about which beauty products are worth spending extra money on and which ones you should just opt for the cheaper alternatives that will be just as effective.

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